Exploring Chicago. I'm not listing everything, just the major ones and some of my favorites. See also these sections that have things related to Chicago: Education, Chicago Restaurants, Philippines Links, Health Links, Martial Arts Links, Martial Arts Commercial Links, and Movies. See also this "Visiting Chicago" Googe Map [maps.google.com...] where I've started placing some Chicago stuff.

A great town to live 90 miles away from.

-Milwaukee about Chicago. Ha!


Not everything but some of the bigger ones and some of my favorites.


Don't forget the many university and college libraries.



In Chicago, there are 77 official "Community Areas" and there are also informally established "neighborhoods" that sometimes coincide with the Community Areas.

Here are some of my favorite neighborhoods.

Here is a list of favorite streets, drives, curves, intersections, etc. in Chicago.



I thought it would be nice to make notes on the different parks around Chicago, especially notable ones and ones that are convenient for me.

I'll start with a few from the Chicago Park District [ChicagoParkDistrict.com], but I should probably list state, national, and private parks too. I'm not going to list the tiny little parks that are all over the place but sometimes those are the most important. While the CPD site is nice their swim schedules are incomplete --I recommend you call or visit the park directly. See: CPD swimming pools; CPD ice rinks.

As part of Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois (FPDCC) [fpdcc.com], Cook County has a number of "Forest Preserves" scattered around the perimeter of Chicago, with even more in the Chicago suburbs.



There are many churches, temples, etc in Chicago, but I only regularly go to a few.


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