Exloring philosophy, psychology, mind, spirit, and the like.

Philosophy is literally "love of wisdom" as the word is derived from the Greek words of philo and sofia.

Philosophy Fields

Philosophy explores concepts and ideas in fundamental way. A person or group may have a "philosophy" or worldview —a collection of knowledge, principles, or perspectives drawn especially from personal experience— but academic philosophy is a field of study, where everything is subject to review.

There are many different ways or means to explore, create, and play with ideas.

There are many different ideas, concepts, fields, subjects, topics, etc. of philosophy and they often overlap. Also many topics that were part of "philosophy" have fallen out of the field of "philosophy". For example: For Aristotle, the first to formalize categorize many fields, philosophy (Greek philosofia, "love of wisdom") and science/study (Greek dianoia) were coextensive. Aristotle also said that "All dianoia are either practical, poetical or theoretical." Thus in Aristotle's system you have the following (Even though the Corpus Aristotelicum have ordered Aristotle's works into the five categories of Logical, Physical (largest by far), Metaphysical, Ethical, and Aesthetic since the ~0100s.):

Western Academic Philosophy and Eastern Academic Philosophy are often differentiated. While the analytic problems may be similar (because we're all humans), their synthesis of ideas is different (because each draws from different pools of cultures and philosophers). With modern globalization, the future of academic philosophy should synthesize Eastern and Western Academic Philosophies while, of course, retaining historical purity. There are of course philosophic schools that may not be considered either Eastern or Western.

Here are the modern main categories of modern Western academic philosophy. There are of course many more fields within philosophy.

Philosophy Favorites

Here are some of general books on philosophy and their choices of favorites.

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