The essence of my health explorations is as follows:

  • Inspiration and motivation for health. This is the first and most important thing about health. There are many reasons to be healthy and many ways to be healthy, but if you aren't motivated to be healthy, if your means for health are not fun and interesting, then most likely you won't persist with those means, and thus will not be healthy.
  • The Body
    • Anatomy. Use consistent language to discuss the human body.
    • Physiology. Know the basics of how the body works.
  • Intake
    • Water. Stay hydrated but don't make it a burden. Try drinking some water before and after these things: sleeping, eating, exercising, bathing.
    • Diet. Eat in moderation, eat a variety, eat slowly, eat often. Your economic situation and environment affects your choices, but the choice is yours. Take some vitamins and supplements but don't over do it. Eat yogurt occasionally. A small snack with a high glycemic index, like a banana, can tweak your blood sugar, but it's better to try to keep your blood glucose more even. If you eat a meal, your digestive system will need blood for several hours, so don't have a big workout in that timeframe. Eat within two hours after of a big workout in order to help the muscles recover and restore glycogen.
    • Air. Get fresh air. Breathe more. Hang around plants. Don't smoke (or rarely do so).
    • Drugs. I don't smoke or do recreational drugs —heck I hardly even take over the counter drugs. I only occasionally have a pain killer, alcohol, or caffeine. Most moderate cases can be handled by self-medicating with water, soap, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics, bandages, RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) [], and heat. Of course if you have surgery or a specific condition, you might want a minimal amount of drugs.
  • Action
    • Kinesiology and Exercise. Variety, fun, safety, and often. If you're starting, restarting, had a recent infection, or it's really hot, then take it easier. Use good posture.
    • Sleep and Rest. Listen to your body. Sleep well at night and take a nap if you need to. Too many people rely on drugs (like caffeine in coffee or tea) to overcome a lack of rest.
    • Cleanliness. Bathe and wash. Brush your teeth. Have a clean environment. But don't over do it because we live symbiotically with many organisms.
    • Stress and Mindset. Use stress —don't let stress use you.
    • Socialize. Live for others as well as for yourself.
    • Purpose. Have goals, purpose, something to live for. Let your past enrich you, let your future enhance your present, but live in the present.
  • External
    • The Healthcare Industry. I've worked in the U.S. healthcare industry for years --it is dangerously broken. My emphasis is on proactive, natural, and personal healthcare instead of reactive, mechanical, and impersonal healthcare. I will, however, go to the hospital if I absolutely need to.
    • The Exercise/Sports/Martial Arts Industry. Some things are worth money, but keep perspective. If you start with the inexpensive route, then you will appreciate it when you upgrade. If you starte with the expensive route, then you may lack perspective.
    • Clothing. Wear comfortable shoes, clothes, and eyeware. Change often and keep them clean. You might as well dress for self-expression too.

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