Sticks (and stones) are probably the earliest weapons used by man. A stick or pole weapon is usually made from wood but can also be made from other materials like vine, bone, metal. Introducing elements like reenforcing bands or counterbalances do not change the nature of a stick or pole weapon much, but introducing elements like blades, hammers, or spikes significantly changes the nature of a stick or pole weapon.

The transition from stick to pole is roughly at 90 cm ~ 3 feet. Regarding pole arms, George Silver recommended two particular lengths for pole arms: (1) long pole weapons ("short staff, half pike, forest bill, partisan, and gleve") should be roughly as high as you can reach plus the width of your grip, which comes to ~ 240 cm ~ 8 feet to ~ 280 cm ~ 9 feet. (2) medium pole weapons ("battle axe, halberd, or black bill") should be roughly man height.

Sticks differ from clubs in that the latter are usually heavy and rely on bashing, while the former can bash but can also do more agile work.

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