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A font is computer data that transforms text to a specific typeface. Fonts are either bit-mapped (a.k.a. raster) or outlined (a.k.a. vector or scalable). Common kinds of fonts are PostScript, TrueType, QuickDraw GX, and TrueType Open.

A typeface is an alphabet and the accompanying miscellaneous characters with a particular design. The terms font and typeface are typically interchanged.

See a little app I made that you can use to compare various fonts on your system. This is especially useful for referencing fonts such as Webdings.

Here are some terms used in typography:

Font Groups

There are a large number of typefaces and families of typefaces. There are different systems for grouping and classifying them. Here are a few general groupings; some fonts fall in multiple groups. [Note the examples will only display properly if you have the font installed on your local system.]

Font Formats

There are two basic formats that fonts are stored in.

Web Typography



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