2006-05-25t15:50:09Z | TAGS: Cyber Tech. Images. Microsoft. Open Source.
Microsoft offers WMP/WDP as JPG alternative

I know people distrust Microsoft (especially if you read the comments at Slashdot [http://slashdot.org/articles/06/05/25/1217248.shtml] and Digg [http://digg.com/software/Microsoft_shows_off_JPEG_rival_-_WMP]) but after reading the Windows Medai Photo Specification [http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/xps/wmphoto.mspx] directly from Microsoft I have to say that I think it has potential.

Here are the reasons given by Microsoft for a new image format:

Here are other reasons that Microsoft does not explicitly state:

Here are a few issues that I haven't seen anyone discuss yet.

JPEG 2000 [W] (.jp2; .j2c; image/jp2) is floundering and Microsoft has a great opportunity to do this right. Making it open will be better for Microsoft and the public than if they make it closed. The key thing is to make it a really popular and default format. I like choice but having a gazillion audio, video formats is confusing and annoying. At least photos really only have a few formats (GIF/PNG and JPG/TIFF/RAW). Could Microsoft reduce it to just one?

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