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How To: Make Stacking Plyometric Boxes
TEXT: How To: Make Stacking Plyometric Boxes

I got into crossfit.com just last month and it's fabulous. I've been doing their Workouts of the Day (WOD) daily for a few weeks now. I've been gradually accumulating the gear needed for CrossFit. I've bought a pair of Olympic barbell bars, some smaller plates, a kettle bell, and bumper plates will arrive soon. I already had a pull up bar but I'll probably upgrade soon. There are, of course, more things I want to get, but I think it's cool (and cost effective) when you can build your own (BYO) or do it yourself (DIY). I've already made the parallettes as per http://www.drillsandskills.com/skills/cond. One CrossFit fellow, Lincoln Brigham, already designed a BYO/DIY polymetric box for box jumping (http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=12749&page=1. The thing is I have kids and I need boxes of different heights. Separate boxes would just take up too much room.

Thus I designed these: Stacking Plyometric Boxes.

BYO Stacking Plyometric Boxes, stacked

The cost for parts is under $30! Commercial ones costs hundreds plus shipping. (BTW: American measurements follow. My apologies to my fellow fans of the metric system.)

The tools needed are minimal!

The design and construction is quite simple!

Sand liberally for safety. Apply rubber matting to the top piece if you want. Paint if you want. Please note that these pictures used a base length of 18" instead of 16", but I'm posting 16" measurements because I think the smaller top would have less flex.

While my plyo boxes are heavier than the typical set, they are adjustable. My younger kids might use just the top piece, or the top and bottom pieces. I'll probably use all three pieces or throw in more middle pieces for more height.

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