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  1. Here's 17 Minutes Of Starcraft II Gameplay TAGS: Activity. Animation. Blizzard. Computers. Cyber Life. Video Games. Videos.
  2. MLG Pro Circuit 2011 Providence SC2 TAGS: Live Action. Sports. Star Craft. Video Games.
20090621 132230 Z Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO) … rsIyzsOpc&fmt=18 … ccount_and_Video Blizzard, Crude, Cyber Life, Funny, Home Videos, Live Action, Quirky, Saucy, Video Games, Videos Some people are saying fake, but it looks pretty sincere to me. You have to love siblings.
20090621 133558 Z The Coolest PC Game Gun Mod www.gossipga … pc-game-gun-mod/ … ame_Gun_Mod_Ever Activity, Cyber Life, Engineering, Gadget, Hardware, Live Action, Video Games, Videos Interactive immersion play is the way to go. Gryoscopic and motion detecting technology is key, but I like this guys innovation where the screen moves around with you so you get the an even fuller gryoscopic experience from your inner ear. Plus McGuyvered the thing with cheap parts from Walmart. Brilliant!
20090728 185622 Z Blizzard Angered Hitler With No Starcraft 2 Lan Play www.gossipga … raft-2-lan-play/ … craft_2_Lan_Play Chill, Live Action, Video Games, Videos Yes, Blizzard, many of us feel that way. StarCraft II has taken too long to come out --probably because of WoW but we don't care. Three games? We could be suckered into buying two games, but three is just greedy. Then you pull LAN support. Playing with our friends in the same room is so awesome and Blizzard: You should know this. "That was a day 1 purchase for me". Yes, it was. But at this rate I'm leaning towards not getting it at all.
20090806 150138 Z StarCraft II Update forums.battl … 0062236&sid=3000 games.slashd … os=16&art_pos=16 Blizzard, Cyber Life, Video Games It's official: StarCraft II will not be ready for release by the end of 2009. This 2 year delay is almost unbearable (plus the lack of LAN support and the fact that they're making us buy 3 games). The delays due to upgrading smacks of more control issues. All that keeps my wallet half-open are the promises for "an epic entertainment experience" and "a real-time strategy gaming experience worthy of the series’ legacy".
20090807 170519 Z Waterloo Labs: FPS with Real Guns - Episode 02 waterloolabs … -episode-02.html games.slashd … l-Guns?art_pos=7 Chill, Cool, Crude, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, Hardware, Live Action, Software, TECH, Video Games, Videos Slap some accelerometers on a wall, feed it to LabVIEW, project your game onto the wall, and bam! All hits on the wall are fed into the game. Up voted for dudes in lab coats.
20100201 190158 Z Analysis of HTML5 Canvas Javascript performance in various browsers for … BenchmarkResults developers.s … mance?art_pos=72 Browser, JavaScript, TECH, Video Games So they confirmed what everyone sort of already knew. The fastest browser is Chrome, Safaris is 2nd, Firefox is 3rd, and Internet Explorer 8 is 4th. They're still working to test it on Opera. FYI: I'm still primarily using Firefox because of TreeStyle tabs. I must resist playing, lest I lose hours of time!
20100502 203453 Z Torus www.benjoffe … ode/games/torus/ Activity, Cyber Life, Video Games Like tetris on a cylinder. Probably lots of HTML5 awesomeness will start popping up all over.
20100505 020305 Z StarCraft(R) II: Wings of Liberty(TM) in Stores Starting July 27, 2010 www.marketwa … -2010-2010-05-03 games.slashd … nt=Google+Reader Activity, Video Games Uh-oh. Do I have the iron will to resist?
20100923 160506 Z StarCraft2 Tricks SS /spreadsheet … nJPWEs2dVE&hl=en Chill, Video Games A collection of tricks for StarCraft 2, based on a forum thread. If anyone has other tricks, then I'll gladly add.
20101014 202019 Z Netflix on PS3: Disc-free Next Week … 0/14/netflixps3/ Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Movies, Sony, TECH, TV, Video Games Sweet. I love the Netflix and Sony PS3/Blue Ray/TV integration thingy so far and I'm looking forward to Google getting in the mix.
20101201 220700 Z Life Lessons from Nerdy Gamers Chill, MARTIAL, Mind, Play, Psychology, Video Games, Violence Natural, necessary, and fun! Also: "Bring it: Boys may benefit from aggressive play". Play, with temperance, is good.
20110120 163803 Z Skynet meets the Swarm: how the Berkeley Overmind won the 2010 StarCraft AI competition arstechnica. … competition.ars/ Oscar Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, TECH, Video Games They're sharpening AI using StarCraft (not SC2). Finally people are putting their hundreds of hours of game time to good use. Macro, micro, and even new strategies.
20110809 150523 Z QWOP … t/Athletics.html Chill, Flash, Kids, Play, Video Games I introduced my kids to QWOP the other day. It's frustrating/fun but it also makes you appreciate AI and learning to walk.
20120602 152945 Z Exclusive Tomb Raider Trailer: Crossroads - E3 2012 Chill, Cool, Fighting, Inspiring, Self Defense, Survivalism, Video Games, Videos, Violence Awesome! A young, inexperienced Lara Croft learning things Hunger Games style! "I hate tombs!"
20130124 173506 Z StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic Beauty, Chill, Cool, Video Games That lone Viking almost had him!
20140330 160738 Z Light Speed: From Minecraft to Reality / … ch?v=SLffdgotHEA www.reddit.c … _with_minecraft/ Chill, Cool, Funny, Inspiring, Physics, Play, Science, Space, TECH, Video Games A Minecraft world is 60 Mm across, the Earth's circumference is 40 Mm, the speed of light/gravity/etc is 300 Mm/s.
20150606 002224 Z Legacy of the Void beta: I'm in! Blizzard, Chill, Cool, Video Games Part of a sweet email I got from Blizzard today: "Congratulations, you've been selected to join the StarCraft® II: Legacy of the Void™ multiplayer closed beta test!" I'm downloading it now!
2009-06-19t17:43:40 Z | TAGS: Activity, Animation, Blizzard, Computers, Cyber Life, Video Games, Videos
Here's 17 Minutes Of Starcraft II Gameplay
Here's 17 Minutes Of Starcraft II Gameplay []

These "Battle Reports" are videos that show game play from the upcoming computer game "StarCraft II" by Blizzard. Battle Report I (Protoss v Terran) and Battle Report II (Zerg v Terran) have been out, but this third and latest Battle Report is Terran v Protoss, so that completes the combinations (PT, ZT, and ZP).

We're left hungry for the actual game release, which is still vaguely described as coming out in late 2009.

2011-11-21t15:57:12 Z | TAGS: Live Action, Sports, Star Craft, Video Games
MLG Pro Circuit 2011 Providence SC2
MLG Pro Circuit 2011 Providence SC2 []
I watched a decent chunk of the tourney. The winner, Leenock (Korean, 16yo) caught my eye early on. Beautiful adaptive play. A lot of comebacks too, not just dominating from the beginning. His last opponent, Naniwa (Sweden) was playing brilliantly before he got to Leenock, but Leenock figured out that the key to beating Naniwa was hurting him early on. Leenock's not even a full-time player because he has school! Well earned $50,000 by Leenock!

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