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20080620 192624 Z Firefox 3 Robot Themed Easter Egg laughingsqui … emed-easter-egg/ www.reddit.c … /6o5fg/comments/ Futurama, Movies, Reading, Science Fiction, TV I confirmed it. I typed in "about:robots" into the address bar in Firefox 3 and I got the exact image. Each thing on it refers to a robots. The Gort and peace is from when The Day The Earth Stood Still. The in action is from Isaac Asimov's Rules of Robotics. The wouldn't believe is from Bladerunner. The plastic pal is from Hitchhiker's. The shiny metal is from Futurama. The plan is from BSG. There were a few more that the reddit thread pointed out too!
20080716 015502 Z Harry Enfield - Women Keep Your Virtue … ch?v=JZ0jRuASVEQ Funny, TV, Videos Funny stuff. Leads to other goodies like Women: Know Your Limits! Public Announcement: Harry Enfield [].
20080911 230318 Z Transcript: Obama Sits Down With Letterman, Discusses Pigs … -letterman-pigs/ Julia Barack Obama, Politics, Transcripts, TV, USA Nice. Sometimes what you want is to hear a person have a long, decent conversation. Obama and Clinton can do that. I haven't seem McCain or Palin do that.
20080925 225054 Z This is why McCain canceled the debates. Watch Sarah Palin on CBS tonight. Utter disaster. www.americab … led-debates.html www.reddit.c … e_debates_watch/ News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos OMFG. Even though I'm for Obama, I still feel embarrassed for Palin. We need to see her in a live and unedited format (like the debates).
20080926 151200 Z More on John McCain … php/965757.phtml Celebrity, Funny, Live Action, News, Politics, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos Dave Letterman does more on John McCain after he canceled. Archiving it here for future laughs.
20081007 171635 Z Olbermann: Terrorists? It's Palin doing the pallin' … 7057346#27057346 www.reddit.c … ent_on_palin_he/ Journalism, Politics, TV, USA, Videos Olbermann rips into Palin, but you also end up feeling sorry for Palin.
20081023 161036 Z Total Fail: McCain's Own Aides Can't Defend Palin … ch?v=m-9VW4ewI1M www.reddit.c … tenhaeur_spends/ Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos Chris Matthews gives Nancy Pfotenhaeur a chance to defend Palin's statements of what the VP does, but Nancy can't. How can Americans let this slide? This is stuff you learn in grade school. The VP has to jobs: 1. To step in as President if the President dies. 2. To break ties.
20081023 161949 Z "I can't imagine a President being named Obama" … ch?v=UwjlUMoLVvA … eing_named_Obama Atheism, Faith, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos Blatant numbing bigotry. I realize that she is just one vile woman but you can't help but feel that her ilk form an important part of the Republican base.
20090108 160103 Z Hi Kick … ch?v=3lZjLCZ4xFk Roger Chill, Cool, Cute, Funny, Live Action, MARTIAL, Standup Fighting, Taekwondo, TV, Videos I'm guessing this related to High Kick! [W], the South Korean situational comedy show. You can't go wrong with punishment and girls in school uniforms. Spankalicious!
20090126 184801 Z Kiss Mr. Spock! (Kirk/Spock) … ch?v=ln1G8u5RdzY Julia Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Star Trek, TV, Videos Scenes from Classic Star Trek spliced and edited in such a way as that it makes it look like Kirk is romantically chasing Spock. To the tune from the Disney movie, Little Mermaid. Well done!
20090127 185711 Z Fox News Fear Imbalance www.thedaily … s-fear-imbalance www.reddit.c … _administration/ Funny, Jon Stewart, News, Sad, TV, Videos Laughing and crying again. Oh the poor viewers of Fox News. It's as if they've put themselves in a box where all they can hear are the inanities of the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter.
20090302 014405 Z Everything's amazing, nobody's happy … =haxa_popt00us13 … Nobody_s_Happy_5 Funny, Live Action, TECH, TV, Videos Funny guy. It's a twist on ye olde "Why when I was young...".
20090305 211245 Z CNBC Gives Financial Advice www.thedaily … financial-advice … rt_Destroys_CNBC Funny, Live Action, News, Sad, TV, Videos Sweet Jon Stewart gold: Ripping into CNBC's financial advice.
20090306 004741 Z TNG episode 15 - "That Jean-Luc Picard" … &feature=related www.reddit.c … uc_picard_video/ Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Star Trek, TV, Videos Bwah ha ha!
20090306 010331 Z japan funny dance … ch?v=_rEIDEnDzgw Funny, Japan, Quirky, TV, Videos Actually well done.
20090325 184205 Z Marijuana Reform Activist Destroys Former DEA Head … ch?v=ALc0wVFfIKs Culture, Live Action, News, TV, USA, Videos The title of the video is sensationalist but the content is right: Legalize marijuana because it is less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco, and because it has an economic benefit and will crime associated with the black market sales of marijuana.
20090412 150109 Z Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 … ch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY … ain_s_Got_Talent Beauty, Inspiring, Live Action, TV, UK, Videos One of the most uplifting videos I've seen in a while. Wonderful.
20090414 013635 Z LOON WATCH: Right-wing bets against U.S. in pirate standoff www.dailykos … … _pirate_standoff Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos To the dicks at Fox: No thanks, you can keep your lousy trash talk. Obama and US military did an awesome job dealing with the pirates!
20090429 191956 Z Cliff May Unedited Interview Pt. 1 www.thedaily … edited-interview www.reddit.c … ain_as_a_gifted/ Ethics, Funny, Jon Stewart, Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos, War Cliff May and Jon Stewart debate the recent torture issue. It's good to see folks who come from such opposites sides of an issue, but who are able to do an actual exchange. It's not pretty but it seemed sincere. BTW: I'm with Jon Stewart on this issue.
20090619 211541 Z Leonard Nimoy on the Spock "Star Trek" Vulcan Salute … ch?v=jmkDOzjfSSY Live Action, Star Trek, TV, Videos, Wikipedia I've heard explanation of this before but here's Nimoy himself explaining the Vulcan salute. Wikipedia will soon be doing video and it's clear how video will add a lot of validation to the content.
20090729 164019 Z O'Reilly's Fuzzy Canadian Health Care Math tpmtv.talkin … .com/?id=3060320 … _O_Reilly_Genius Funny, Journalism, News, Politics, Sad, TV Bill said: "Of course Canada has longer life expectancy than the U.S. -- we have 10 times more people.". From the Digg thread: "Using Bill O logic, the average Chinese citizen must live for about 12 minutes." and "The worst thing about it is that people watch that and don't flinch. It really makes me scared.".
20090808 144312 Z Bye bye land line Cyber Life, Family, Home, Kids, Movies, My Stuff, TECH, TV, Videos All we get on the land line is spam. We have cell phones (which gets spam too). We don't phone/fax much. There's lots of video on the Internet. We don't watch much TV. So... We're going to dump the AT&T land line, DSL (2.58 Mbps), and dish TV at $140/mo. We're going to get Comcast cable Internet (12 Mbps) at $43/mo and Netflix at $9/mo. Wife and kids approve. All is good.
20090811 175642 Z Best Fake Punt Ever (Bills/Titans) … ch?v=P7xksmk0ghc www.reddit.c … _fake_punt_ever/ Live Action, Sports, TV, Videos Well done!
20090925 184623 Z Rachel Maddow Show Sep 16 - Frank Schaeffer Explains the Insanity & Racism of the Religious Right … ch?v=uYn9at5hiE0 Barack Obama, Faith, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos According to a poll in New Jersey, 18% believe President Obama is the Anti-Christ and 17% believe he could be. These are probably the same "Birther" folks who doubt he was born in America. It's amazing that these crazy Evangelicals have such a vise-like grip on the Republicans.
20100116 164022 Z News, TV I don't even watch late night TV, but even I know that Jay done Conan wrong.
20100211 033101 Z Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter … -hand-o-prompter Funny, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA Sweet material from The Colbert Report. Sara Palin is so entertaining!
20100503 030407 Z Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers An Evil Man www.prosebef … -mr-rogers-evil/ … An_Evil_Evil_Man Inspiring, Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA Sorry Fox News, but Mr. Rogers is AWESOME! Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate. 15 reasons Mr. Rogers was best neighbor ever.
20101014 202019 Z Netflix on PS3: Disc-free Next Week … 0/14/netflixps3/ Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Movies, Sony, TECH, TV, Video Games Sweet. I love the Netflix and Sony PS3/Blue Ray/TV integration thingy so far and I'm looking forward to Google getting in the mix.
20110207 162015 Z Captain America and Thor Keith Chill, Comics, Cool, Inspiring, Movies, TV, Videos Man the sneak peek videos look awesome! 'Captain America' Super Bowl spot. Watch the Thor Super Bowl Spot.
20110326 140651 Z Quantum physics explanation for smell gains traction … ronment-12827893 Animation, Biology, Chemistry, Chill, Cool, Futurama, Physics, Science, TECH, TV Futurama wasn't too far off with the Smelloscope by The Professor.
20110808 173420 Z Cosmos Will Get a Sequel Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson … -degrasse-tyson/ Space, TECH, TV, Videos Whoot! I loved Cosmos!
2008-09-28t15:02:16 Z | TAGS: Economy, Journalism, Live Action, Movies, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos
Bailout looming

It sounds like the lawmakers may have the bailout later today: Lawmakers Say They Have Breakthrough on Rescue Plan (Update3) []. I hope they have something good for us but I'm very skeptical. Here's what I emailed a few of my friends 2 days ago:

My thoughts: I'm with Ron Paul as in against price fixing and against the bailout. The over-leveraged stuff needs to be trashed instead of re-circulated. I'm for a true free market (not an artificial one), but with more regulations and transparency to protect the consumers. As in you're free to drive around the country but there should be traffic laws for everybody for safety's sake. Inaction is an action. Certainly Bush-style rule by over-powered, unwatched, constitution-violating fiat is not what I want. I'm $700 billion is an estimate and it could very well be $4 trillion or more. They need to come up with a palatable solution, but eventually they'll come out with something, anything.

My actions: Personally, I transferred my money from JPMorgan Chase to a smaller bank in August. I got better rates and free movie tickets! (On one hand Chase may come out of this quite well, but on the other hand they're going to be very chaotic.) I told you guys ages ago that there was a housing bubble and to buy gold, that's why my house is for living and not so much an investment, while my gold has fared much much better than almost any other investment. I switched 25% of my future 401k transactions to more conservative choices. Investing in solar.

One interesting thing about this bailout is that Bush is pushing it and the Democrats (who have the majority in Congress) are for it, but there are some conservatives and some Democrats who want to think about this a bit more. I think working out a trillion dollar deal in just a few days is indeed something to approach with care.

Two fun links related to the bailout:

2008-09-28t15:46:14 Z | TAGS: Funny, Journalism, Live Action, News, Performance, Politics, Sad, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos
SNL on 1st debate and Palin interview

The debate skit is funny but the Palin skit is funny and painful because they used words actually spoken by Palin. There are so many articles out there wincing about the Palin and Couric interview. Couric was being nice, Couric was giving Palin opportunities to shine, but all Palin could do was stumble on talking points. If I were prone to believing in conspiracies, then I would propose that this is all a ruse by Palin in order to make the Democrats let their guard down. If not, then it is frightening to think that the GOP machine has such power that it can dupe half the country into wanting Palin to become one 72 year old's heartbeat away from becoming President. There are college kids who know more about the issues than Palin. For the security of America and the world, I sure hope that it is all a ruse.

2008-10-09t18:08:51 Z | TAGS: Journalism, News, TV, Videos
The End Of Sean Hannity's Career!
The End Of Sean Hannity's Career! []

Gold, pure gold. Robert Gibbs did the usual defense against the GOP negative attack of association with Ayers, but Gibbs went on a bit more. I've only seen a few people stand up to bully news men who not only use bad arguments but also rudely talk over someone who disagrees with them: Speak calmly and use the same bad arguments against the other side to show how unfair it is. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow and the rest of the country laugh it up. Brilliant!

Oh oh! I almost forgot that Keith also read a poem that John Cleese of Monty Python fame sent him:

"Ode to Sean Hannity"

Aping urbanity
Oozing with vanity
Plump as a manatee
Faking humanity
Journalistic calamity
Intellectual inanity
Fox Noise insanity
You're a profanity

2008-12-30t16:44:42 Z | TAGS: Chicago, Chill, Cool, Funny, TV, Videos
Who says TV anchors have no moves?
Who says TV anchors have no moves? []

Whoo! This is awesome! Amazing what you can do from a chair.

WGN-TV weekend anchors Bob Jordan and Jackie Bange do a little dance number each Saturday and Sunday night during their telecast's first commercial break. Word is that it started out as a short 10-second dance, but now they have choreographed it into the full 2:40 of the break.
2009-01-11t22:34:02 Z | TAGS: Cool, Favorites, Fred Rogers, Inspiring, Relations, TV
15 reasons Mr. Rogers was best neighbor ever
15 reasons Mr. Rogers was best neighbor ever [] [VIA:]

Like many others, I'm very fond of Mr. Rogers. (Yes, I have a Mr. Rogers T-shirt.) For copyright reasons, I won't post the whole thing here, but I'll post the header of the reasons listed in the article.

  1. Even Koko the Gorilla loved him.
  2. He made thieves think twice.
  3. He watched his figure to the pound.
  4. He saved both public television and the VCR.
  5. He might have been the most tolerant American ever.
  6. He was genuinely curious about others.
  7. He was color-blind.
  8. He could make a subway car full of strangers sing.
  9. He got into TV because he hated TV.
  10. He was an Ivy League dropout.
  11. He composed all the songs on the show, and over 200 tunes.
  12. He was a perfectionist, and disliked ad libbing.
  13. Michael Keaton got his start on the show as an assistant.
  14. Several characters on the show are named for his family.
  15. The sweaters.
2009-03-17t15:26:26 Z | TAGS: Barack Obama, Economy, My Stuff, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos
Rush Limbaugh addresses CPAC
Rush Limbaugh addresses CPAC [] [VIA: Nikos]

I have small group of friends from college. I'm the only one who leans left, the others are right of center or far right. One of the die-hard Republican friends sent out this email recently about a speech by Rush Limbaugh on 2009-02-28:

Rush gave the keynote address to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) two weeks back. CPAC holds the biggest annual conservative convention in the country. This year FOX aired the keynote address, and knowing this Rush took the opportunity to explain to the nation what conservatism is. It was basically a Conservatism 101 class and really boiled down conservative thinking in one speech.

I thought of myself as a liberal until I listened to Rush. He was my mentor in political thinking. So if you’d like to get a idea of how conservatives in general and myself in particular view the world, please consider listening to this (the link is weird, after getting to the site, I had to hit refresh to start the video):

I replied with the following:

Sigh. The things I do for my friends. I just watched all 1:28:50 of the Rush "address to the nation". I even rewound it a few to times to make sure I heard it right. Unlike his all pro-Rush audience, I personally did not appreciate his going over his allotted time by an hour.

It seemed that his speech was largely to to explain who conservatives are to a larger audience, but he was also giving conservatives suggestions about what to do especially in response to having lost the 2008 Presidential election.

Whether Democratic or Republican, conservative or liberal, I think most Americans love people, the Constitution, life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. I find this funny because as much as he accuses libs/Dems of fostering a victim mentality, he and the cons/Repubs so often play as if they are victims to the media. Is the media saying that libs/Dems have those qualities and that cons/Repubs don't? Is he saying that cons/Repubs love those things and foster those things more than libs/Cons? Silly. But in a sense everyone regardless of party has to promote these thing in order to avoid looking like they're not against those things.

In order to define conservatives, Rush had to draw the distinctions between libs/Dems and cons/Repubs with using less general stuff. In many models there are two axes of freedom/permissiveness: personal/social and economic. The usual definitions roughly follow the attached chart.

On the personal/social axes Rush talked about how cons/Repubs like people, see individuals and not groups, how people should live lives according to their values, about how they should make suggestions and then let people do as they wish, they want everybody to succeed, etc. Rush tries to make it sound as if cons/Repubs are live and let live, and are not racist, sexist, or homophobic, but then does not bring up cans of worms like affirmative action, abortion, or gays. (Otherwise his speech would have been even longer!) These are issues of fairness, morality, and taste, and I find it odd to parse these issues by party. If anything, it seems that Rush is leaning toward moderate on these issues (as would be expected of a capitalist according to the chart).

Rush largely focused on the economic axis, especially with taxes, regulations, and role/size of government. (Regulations and role of govt can also fall in the pers/soc axis.)

I think the tax issue is overplayed. Raising taxes is never popular with the voters, so why would either party want to be pro-tax? If anything, Obama is giving 95% of America a tax cut. We've only had income tax since the Civil War, but I consider the existence of taxes a separate issue. As far as punishing achievement (the rich), these Republican Presidents had these tax rates for the rich: Eisenhower 91%, Nixon 70%, Reagan 50%. Obama is just rolling back Bush's tax cuts from 35% to 39.6%. Perhaps cons/Repubs want bigger tax cuts all around and for the rich but then there's the national debt. Obama is setting a moderate progressive tax, he's no wild-eyed socialist, punishing the rich.

As far as regulations: It was lax regulations that enabled bad securities to get AAA ratings. All the politicians can point the fingers this way and that. We, the people, don't care, we just want regulations in there to prevent this from happening again. Perhaps bubbles will always happen but a robust system with redundant systems can handle failures. These securities were opaque, were pervasive enough to take everything down with them, and should be illegal. I don't consider this to be overly authoritarian, any more than having traffic laws for safety. The true costs of things eventually get revealed. Of course we need to weed out the bad regulations too. Keep things simple as possible, but no simpler.

As far as role/size of government: Bush did the bailouts and TARP --everyone agrees we need a stimulus package. As far as a perpetual War on Poverty, a welfare state, entitlements, redistribution of wealth, and destroying ambition: America isn't socialist. In the US budget: 23% is Medicare/Medicaid, 21% Social Security, 21% Defense, 17% discretionary, 10% mandatory, 8% interest. The government is not a for profit organization. It's supposed to provide some public services. I don't think folks are living high on the hog on food stamps, unemployment benefits, NASA, and college grants, or that we aren't following our dreams. Libs/Dems have nothing against people getting rich or being happy.

Rush seems to stress more on what cons/Repubs would not do, as opposed to what they would do. It's almost Taoist in the sense that those in touch with the Tao appear to do nothing and yet accomplish so much. His advice to his flock of beating libs/Dems by talking about principles instead of trying to make better policy, is akin to being more and doing less. I'm greatly amused by this because that's my general mode of operation. I only step in and tweak things as needed, otherwise I let the people live for themselves.

Rush says that libs/Dems are about fostering fear, defining who can have freedom, being authoritarian. That all sounds like the Bush admin to me. The war and the economy foster enough fear by themselves, thank you. I don't think libs/Dems are out to destroy and remake the country, or destroy people's futures: Who's fostering that fear? Libs/Dems have blood in Iraq and Afghanistan and did not want want the Iraq war to fail, period.

What's with all these petty attacks on Biden? Jokes about Indians at the 7-11? Biden forgot the name/number of a website? Perhaps Rush was trying to lighten things up, but it comes across as petty and emotional manipulation. He keeps saying he sees Americans individuals instead of groups, but he keeps playing us versus them.

I find the joke of Rush thinking so highly of himself, as in being God-like or having crowds cheering him wherever he goes, sort of warps his perspective. I don't think too many people cared what Rush was doing while Obama met with moderate cons/Repubs. It's all Rush self-promoting.

I was hopeful that he'd present a view of conservatism that I had not grasped before, but it was pretty familiar stuff. He is still largely concerned about the political GAME of us v them, as opposed to acting like a public servant --which is OK because he's not a public servant --he's a political entertainer profiting off of a captive audience that he cultivates. His statements about wanting to see Obama fail (and his weak defense) highlight this.

The people and I are watching actions, and examining the reasoning, evidence, heart and laws supporting those actions, and the results of the actions. We don't care what you're party is.

Go Science!

General political positions chart

His reply so far has been this:

Thank you, Thank you George! A very reasoned response. You’d might be surprise on how many points we agree (I sure was). I will respond when I have more time. Nice chart BTW, although I’m not sure what the "You" button stands for...

Tao? Hmm... I’ll have to give some thought to that one...

To be continued...

So far so good. It's often more fun to "fight" with your friends than your enemies. Even though we may seem politically opposite according to the two party system, I'm hoping that our differences are actually manageable, because on a grander scale we have the same political interests of looking after our friends, family, and neighbors.

2009-03-20t15:50:09 Z | TAGS: Barack Obama, Live Action, News, TV, USA, Videos
President Obama - Full Interview
President Obama - Full Interview []
Whoot! President Barack Obama on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Confident, calm, smart, and funny. He's in it for all of us.
2009-05-20t17:55:52 Z | TAGS: Cool, Funny, Journalism, Live Action, Politics, TV, USA, Videos, World, Wrestling
Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009
Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009 [] [VIA:]

I've never really followed Jesse Ventura but this is good stuff!

I also liked this presentation by a user at the digg thread. Bonus points for the WarCraft connection.

Prepare to fight

First Blood


Triple Kill


2009-07-09t21:35:26 Z | TAGS: Atheism, Crude, Faith, Funny, Health, Quirky, Saucy, TV
Mitchell and Webb

Who forgot to tell me about Mitchell and Webb? The British comedians are awesome!

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E
Godless Comedy from That Mitchell and Webb Look
German SS officers - That Mitchell and Webb Look
Henchmen - That Mitchell and Webb Look
That Mitchell And Webb Look - Speedo #1

Of course, those youtube links lead you to other stuff like Storm by Tim Minchin (with text).

2011-11-05t16:25:20 Z | TAGS: Culture, Images, Journalism, Live Action, News, Outrageous, Politics, TV, Videos
Mr. Rogers Just Kidding
I was outraged by the video of "Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet", but I let it slide because others are on it. However this video of Fox News saying that Mr. Rogers is a evil Man is outrageous! I didn't like Fox News before, but it's getting to the point where I cannot comprehend or make excuses for the likes Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter. Mr. Rogers may have forgiven Fox News, but there are somethings that are irredeemable and unforgivable.
Mr. Rogers Just Kidding
2013-05-11t20:35:07 Z | TAGS: Images, Politics, Sad, TV
What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion?
What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion? []

I usually avoid political posts, but this has too much WTF to resist.

"What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion?"

"... I don't know, I have never -- it's a question I have never thought about."


What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion?

2014-03-03t21:19:29 Z | TAGS: Cool, Inspiring, Science, TECH, TV, Videos
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why the new Cosmos matters so much
Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why the new Cosmos matters so much []
We've been distracted by the stunning advances that information technology has brought us, to the exclusion of very deeply held needs that we have in society.

In college I could barely do chemical engineering because I was so distracted by computers! The Web wasn't even up then, so people have even more distractions now.

Cosmos has, as its mission statement, the effort to convey to you why science matters. That is a different motivating factor than "Here's all this science I want to teach you."

There is so much mind in science that people forget that it has so much heart in it too.

2014-06-10t14:33:01 Z | TAGS: Beauty, Biology, Chemistry, Cool, Evolution, Fauna, Flora, Geology, Inspiring, Math, Nature, Physics, Science, Space, TECH, TV, Videos
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey []

My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey", the recently concluded 13 episode science documentary TV series. A sincere thank you to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth MacFarlane, Ann Druyan, Fox, the National Geographic Channel, and the many who worked on Cosmos.

The show was thoroughly aligned with content my wife and I encourage for our kids. A sense of curiosity and wonder. Openness to different ideas and people. Awareness of the danger and responsibility of climate change: A climate change of a few degrees (or a few ppb of CO2) leads to an Ice Age or a Heat Age. The beauty and explanatory power of evolution. The importance of epistemology and the scientific method, and how it can stray.

I'll conclude with five simple rules that Neil mentioned in the last episode.

  1. Question authority. No idea is true just because someone says so, including me.
  2. Think for yourself. Question yourself.
  3. Don't believe anything just because you want to. Believing something doesn't make it so.
  4. Test ideas by the evidence gained from observation and experiment. If a favorite idea fails a well-designed test, it's wrong! Get over it. Follow the evidence, wherever it leads. If you have no evidence, reserve judgment.
  5. And perhaps the most important rule of all: Remember, you could be wrong.

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