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  2. Porn: Good for us? TAGS: Psychology. Saucy. Science. Sex.
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20080814 142941 Z The 6 Raunchiest, Most Depraved Sex Acts (From the Bible) www.cracked. … -from-bible.html … ammit_pic?OTC-ig Atheism, Ethics, Faith, Funny, Saucy, Sex It's pretty funny and raunchy. It's source material is the Bible as opposed to just making stuff up. No need to make stuff given that the Bible is says some mighty strange stuff. However what gets me about this one are the various reactions from the religious. It's as if they haven't read the Bible or have some dishonest or contrived interpretations of what it says. I've noticed fallacies in the Bible since I was at least seven years old and I see from the various comments that others have too.
20091207 200041 Z 'Accidental' Download Sending Man To Prison … n.2.1346842.html yro.slashdot … rison?art_pos=39 Legal, Sex, TECH I found the Slashdot thread fascinating because of its mix of sex, tech, and legal stuff.
20100127 025430 Z - AIDES GRAFFITI … ch?v=9WPNhlzGoM0 www.reddit.c … ive_advertising/ Ad, Animation, Funny, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Sex, Videos Well done.
20100302 015604 Z A Bushel of Facts About the Uniqueness of Human Pubic Hair www.scientif … iquen-2010-03-01 Funny, Info, Nature, Quirky, Saucy, Sex TMIF! More than I ever wanted to know about pubic hair.
20111213 165226 Z How To Explain Gay Rights To An Idiot www.buzzfeed … alizing-beastali Ethics, Faith, Politics, Sex, USA Consent, civil rights, and tolerance.
20130213 150631 Z Sea slug's 'disposable penis' surprises … ronment-21431678 Fauna, Funny, Nature, Sex A disposable penis? Just in time for Valentine's Day!
20130626 175036 Z DOMA and Exodus International Defeated! Chicago, News, Politics, Sex, USA Progress on the equality front! Exodus International shut itself down and apologized! The Defense of Marriage Act declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court! All just in time for the Chicago Gay Pride Parade this weekend!
20140210 160545 Z Perils of Lady Gaming observationd … 365/@laurendavis Comics, Funny, Images, Inspiring, Play, Relations, Sad, Sex Glorious and sad. The freedom to play. A good part of appreciating where we are and where we can go, depends on knowing where we've been.
2009-02-02t17:46:35 Z | TAGS: Crude, Cyber Life, Funny, Language, Politics, Pr0n, profanity, Saucy, Sex, Text, USA
Saddlebacking [] [VIA:]

I've read Dan Savage's sex-advice column Savage Love before, and while it is well done, it frequently pushed well past my personal comfort level. I am not a very profane person but I do appreciate those who are versed in the poetic art, and Savage has even pushed it into the realm of politics with santorum [W].

In case he takes the site down at some point, I'm going to archive its content here:

Saddlebacking: sad•dle•back•ing ˈsa-dəl-ˈba-kiŋ vb [fr. Saddleback Church] (2009): the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities

After attending the Purity Ball, Heather and Bill saddlebacked all night because she’s saving herself for marriage. Unfortunately her parents found out because they got santorum all over the sheets.

Savage is also capable of non-political profanity as he did with pegging [W].

2010-03-11t03:13:22 Z | TAGS: Psychology, Saucy, Science, Sex
Porn: Good for us?
Porn: Good for us? [] [VIA:]
No correlation has even been found between exposure to porn and calloused attitudes toward women.
What does correlate highly with sex offense is a strict, repressive religious upbringing. Richard Green too has reported that both rapists and child molesters use less pornography than a control group of "normal" males.

Porn has also driven a fair amount of computer development. The reddit thread has some material both goofy and thoughtful.

2011-04-29t12:32:00 Z | TAGS: Cyber Life, Faith, MARTIAL, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Ramblings, Relations, Self Improvement, Sex, TECH, Thoughts, Violence
Dreams and Controversy

Just a recently: I woke up from a dream, then I let my mind wander, and then I realized that I was not likely to go back to sleep. Usually I lay there and try to go back to sleep if it's early enough, but today I've decided to try writing.

First I'm going to write about the kinds of dreams that wake me up. Why first? Because I want to write about it while I'm fresh from sleep. I can't say for sure because I haven't been logging it and therefore have no data collected, but I think I'm waking up more easily these days.

It seems that all I need is a dream that changes my heart rate a bit and that wakes me up. Here are typical dreams that wake me up:

Enough about dreams. Next I wanted to jot down a few notes about general topics of controversy (sex, violence, religion, and politics) and parsing them with simple tools (preferences, consent, and tolerance).

OK, that's enough for now. It's several hours since I woke up. On with my day.

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