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20080820 141405 Z Using XML to Enhance the Performance of String Manipulations www.sqlserve … icles/XML/63633/ Databases, Microsoft, SQL, TECH, XML Nice article by Wayne Sheffield on using the XML functionality built into SQL Server to not only create XML, but also to non-XML related large string maniuplations like creating comma separated values (CSV) or parsing CSV. One of the tests improved from a 37.75 minute runtime to a 260 ms runtime!
20090309 143121 Z Blocking Users by IP www.sqlserve … /Security/66151/ Security, SQL, TECH Nice little article for SQL Server about using a logon trigger to check the IP address of the login attempt and block it if needed. It's a simple additional security layer.
20090410 125648 Z Changing a Non-IDENTITY column to IDENTITY and vice versa www.sqlserve … les/T-SQL/61979/ Databases, Microsoft, Programming, SQL, TECH Maybe useful later.
20091116 162049 Z REPLACE Multiple Spaces with One www.sqlserve … les/T-SQL/68378/ Beauty, Programming, SQL, TECH A beautiful elegant solution for a problem that most other folks solve with loops or tables or some ugly row by agonizing row (RBAR) solution. REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(OriginalString,' ',' þ'),'þ ',''),'þ','').
20100205 165411 Z Laying out SQL Code www.simple-t … utm_campaign=SQL Programming, SQL, TECH, Writing Some good points, but it seems like he's having too much fun!

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