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2008-10-27t16:06:29 Z | TAGS: Audio, Cyber Life, Journalism, News, Politics, Radio, USA, Videos
Obama on the Warren Court

I just got this email from a Republican friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous):

Oh my god... you have to hear this... he wants to re-write the constitution for redistribution of wealth... ie socialistic reparations for slavery... listen to this.. its no joke.. its him in a radio interview...

Here was my reply:

Oh my god... you have to hear this... Obama was on a Chicago Public Radio show called Odyssey for an episode called "The Court and Civil Rights" (hear the full 53:22 minute show at, having an intelligent and complex discussion with several law professors, but now the desperate McCain campaign is being intellectually dishonest by snatching a few snippets from the show and distorting it in a youtube video:

This lame "news" by Fox [] and the Drudge Report will, of course, fool a few who will hear what they want to hear (and were going to vote for McCain anyway). However this FUD attempt will only once again reveal the truth that Obama is smart and that McCain is pretty sad, thus convincing even more folks to vote for Obama.

The fact-checked counter-punch hits harder than a FUD attack. Fact checking is faster and better this election cycle because people are better at Wikipedia and Google, and because YouTube is clickable TV and was not around in the 2004 election. Maybe the GOP will catch on by 2012.

The prospect that intellectual curiosity and honesty can win is heartening!

See also Obama on the Warren Court [].

2008-11-03t21:14:12 Z | TAGS: Audio, Chicago, Inspiring, Obituaries, Radio
Remembering Studs Terkel
Remembering Studs Terkel []

You only had to listen to him once and you knew he was special. Studs Terkel (1912-05-16/2008-10-31) passed away at the grand age of 96 just this Halloween. A great Chicagoan, an oral historian, a self-described agnostic or cowardly atheist, and a proud Liberal.

"Take it easy, but take it."
-The sign-off line he used for years on his WFMT radio show.
2009-06-10t15:29:11 Z | TAGS: Faith, Mind, My Stuff, Psychology, Radio, Relations
SNR and Scarring

This morning on the radio I heard about a couple who had lost their son and how their pain transformed their lives. It got me to think about SNR and scarring.

I've touched upon Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) before (Signals and the Shared Road). There are so many permutations and applications of SNR. SNR is one of my current favorite topics.

Let's say that someone knows about SNR and tries to maximize it. Now let's take a more specific application of SNR and assume someone is trying to maximize music and minimize noise. So then: What if they have an incident, some accident, and their ears have become scarred in such a way that they can barely hear music any more and what they get is mostly noise? They may want to maximize SNR, but all they get is noise.

It is easy to imagine such a scenario with a variety of physical disabilities. It's an analogy that works particularly well for me because I have Single-Sided Deafness (SSD). What strikes me about this twist on SNR is that it applies in the emotional and psychological realm as well.

If you have been hurt emotionally/psychologically, then the brain perceives it as physical pain. The hurt can be bad enough that you have been scarred. Perhaps now you perceive your world, even your inner world, through this scarring, this noise-making scarring.

It doesn't help much to know about SNR because all you get is noise. That's what it's like to be depressed: All you get is noise. You may know there's signal and beauty within and without, but all you get is noise because of your scarring. Invisible scarring also does not draw as much empathy from others as visible scarring or disability. (Again this resonates with the SSD phenomena.)

A scarred person needs to be able to maximize SNR again. They need time. They need others who get signal and can convey it. They need the ability to block out noise in that channel and try to get signal from other channels. They need to heal. They need to know that others can see past their scars. They need to work around or through their scarring.

In the end, I think none of us can avoid scarring of one sort or another. Getting hurt and undergoing change is part of being alive. Some of us may get hurt more than others. Sometimes the noise is so strong that you can barely perceive any signal, but that signal, that beauty, that truth, that hope is what we live for.

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