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  1. 35,000-year-old flute is oldest known musical instrument TAGS: Archaeology. Music. News.
  2. Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party TAGS: Chill. Cool. Funny. Live Action. Music. Psychology. Videos.
  3. Digital Media and e-Books TAGS: Amazon. Apple. Audio. Books. Computers. Cyber Life. Cyber Tech. Family. Gadget. Google. Hardware. Inspiring. Kids. Music. My Stuff. Reading. Software. Standards. TECH. Text. Videos.
  4. World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale TAGS: Cool. Fighting. Live Action. MARTIAL. Mind. Music. Videos.
  5. About Music Beta by Google TAGS: Amazon. Apple. Cyber Life. Google. Microsoft. Music. TECH.
  6. I disappeared TAGS: Books. Conditioning. Go. Literature. Music. My Stuff. Politics. Ramblings. Reading. Videos.
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2009-06-24t21:40:25 Z | TAGS: Archaeology, Music, News
35,000-year-old flute is oldest known musical instrument
35,000-year-old flute is oldest known musical instrument [,0,3533361.story] [VIA: Julia]

Fun since I'm considering different wind instruments.

The wing bone of a griffon vulture with five precisely drilled holes in it is the oldest known musical instrument, a 35,000-year-old relic of an early human society that drank beer, played flute and drums and danced around the campfire on cold winter evenings, researchers said today. Excavated from a cave in Germany, the nearly complete flute suggests that the first humans to occupy Europe had a fairly sophisticated culture, complete with alcohol, adornments, art objects and music, that they developed there or even brought with them from Africa when they moved to the new continent 40,000 years or so ago.
2009-07-26t23:40:59 Z | TAGS: Chill, Cool, Funny, Live Action, Music, Psychology, Videos
Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party
Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party [] [VIA:]

Way to go dude! The revolution has begun! I liked these two comments in the Reddit thread:

Stage 1 - "Haha, look at that guy over there, he looks like a fool"
Stage 2 - "Look, that other guy is making fun of him, let's all point and laugh"
Stage 3 - "Hey, another has joined in making fun of the dancing dude, boy he must be embarrassed, what a tard!"
Stage 4 - "Hmm, there's more people dancing now, what a bunch of followers"
Stage 5 - "Wow, everybody is running over there to dance! I now stand out because I'm NOT dancing"
Stage 6 - "Wait for me! I want to dance too!"
I've done quite a bit of sociological research on the psychology of crowds. What you see in the video is actually a good example of the kind of population distribution needed to, say, start a revolution. The populace can be so incredibly anxious to join in (in a revolution, they'd be pissed and angry, here, they want to dance and have fun), but you still need the first person, or the first few couple people, to actively participate without the safety net provided by numbers. (In revolutions, these guys are either the traitors or patriots, depending on the outcome, and their existence can be caused by any number of factors, from economic status to religion to traditional beliefs to, well, anything that could get them to stand up against authority.) This is typically the stage where large movements either stall out or start to actually have an effect. This was just dancing, but it's a microcosm for how a lot of societal changes in general actually work.
Stage 7 - "I always thought dancing dude was cool! I was going to join him earlier, but you guys beat me to it."
2009-07-28t16:42:14 Z | TAGS: Amazon, Apple, Audio, Books, Computers, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Family, Gadget, Google, Hardware, Inspiring, Kids, Music, My Stuff, Reading, Software, Standards, TECH, Text, Videos
Digital Media and e-Books

In my post Head in the clouds, I stated the following:

I'd like to Amazon (or Barnes and Noble) to sell and store digital media like ebooks, videos, and music. There are some books that are so beautiful or big or both that I'd prefer a print copy, but for most books, an ebook would do. I don't want physical media disks at my house getting scratched and broken. I don't mind them using some consumer-mindful form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) to ensure that I'm not stealing. I'd like to supplement the DRM digital media with DRM-free media from other sources like Google Books and the Gutenberg Project, PDFs, MP3s, etc. Perhaps I'd store it at GDrive. In any case, I should be able to stream digital media (if I'm online) or download them (at least temporarily) for access either on or offline.

The whole topic of digital media is a big topic. These days I'm focused on digital books but they're all related.

Before I continue, let me just quickly jot down the sub-topics:
  • Media types.
  • Physical size.
  • Device features.
  • Content and Money: Creator, seller, and buyer.
  • Social media.

Media types

Media types is a seemingly easy sub-topic. The media types are essentially text, pictures, audio, video, and apps. Simple enough. That's the media that the user receives (and the device outputs). The user however also sends "media" (and the device inputs). This includes text, voice, movements, and selections. There are other nuances such as the streaming aspect (EG: radio), the asynchronous aspect (EG: email), and combinations (EG: comics). A lot of sight, sound, motion, and time sensing, but not much in the way taste, touch, or smell. Things like the Wii do some motion and momentum input/output too.

Physical size

This is actually seemingly simple too.

Device features

Device features will vary greatly between makers and models initially, but as the technology matures, the differences between makers and models of the same class will become more subtle.

Content and Money: Creator, seller, and buyer.

This is the real heart of the issue. The users/buyers are most concerned about the content, but these days the content is tied to the money.

Users have three kinds of content:

There have been three stages of content:

How do the creators and sellers control the copying of the media? And how can they ensure that they get their fair share of the buyer's money? In the digital media industry, the first medium to face this problem head on has been the music industry. Pirating (or illegal copying) of music still occurs. For a while it seemed that the answer was digital rights managment (DRM), but this seemed to hamper on the buyers right to legally copy media for which they had paid for. So far it seems that the answer is not DRM, but to trust that people will honor copyright laws and pay the seller (and hence the creator) their money. A comparison of online music stores [W] shows that the most successful don't use DRM. The available formats (such as mp3, aac, m4a, aiff, wav, ogg) are trivial given all the available converters.

Copyrighted digital text is in the news lately because e-book readers started becoming good enough and popular enough that major books are being sold in digital format. The different e-book readers are using DRM and different files.

Here's a quick review of different e-book formats. See also Comparison of e-book formats [W]. Some of them can implement DRM.

  • .txt. Simple text. Preferably UTF-8, but Unicode, windows-1252, iso-latin-1, or even ASCII will do.
  • .htm. Simple HTML. Variants include .chm, .lit, and plucker.
  • .pdf. Portable Document Format. Practically universal. Many things can be exported or printed to PDF.
  • .rtf. Rich Text Format.
  • XML based:
    • .opf. Open eBook
    • .epub. Supercedes .opf
    • .mobi, .prc. Mobipocket. Based on .opf. Available to the iRex/Philips iLiad e-book reader.
    • .azw. Amazon Kindle e-book. Based on .mobi.
    • .arg. Arghos Diffusion.
    • Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY)
    • .fb2. FictionBook.
    • Text Encoding Initiative.
  • .tr2, .tr3. TomeRaider.
  • .ps. PostScript.
  • .djvu. DjVu. Especially for images.
  • .pdb. eReader (formerly Palm Digital Media/Peanut Press). For Also used by the Barnes & Noble Plastic Logic e-reader.
  • .lrf, .lrx. Broadband eBooks. For the Sony Reader.

Here are the major e-book readers (see more at List of e-book readers [W] and their primary formats:

Just to make it explicit, one of the issues is that with DRM and no standard format, if you buy stuff from one store, then you have to use their reader. If you want to buy stuff from two stores, then you need two readers, and so on. In contrast, you can buy a CD from any store and play it on any CD player.

The digital music industry went through this DRM issue, i.e. it was a real world experiment done with real creators, sellers, and buyers. The result is that overwhelming majority of buyers are honest folk who will respect copyright laws and will pay the sellers and the creators their money. DRM tried to control illegal copying, but actually it was a stumbling block for buying and fair buyer use of media that they legally paid for. I guess that the print media has a years of physical media experience that it has to over come in this digital media world. Copyright laws still apply. Just because it is easier to copy, doesn't make it legal, and the numbers show that the greater sales without DRM are worth the losses due to piracy. The print media probably also has a psychological issue of going without DRM because digital songs are $0.99 while digital books are $9.99. In any case, print media will experiment with using digital print, and, like digital music, may drop DRM after they run through the same experiment but with text instead of audio, and with different prices and different uses.

Social media

Let me gripe a bit about some of the hoops I, as a buyer, have to go through:

My wife bought a Kindle 2 and then the price dropped. Learning from her experience, I want to get a Kindle DX --as soon as the price drops. We each have our own accounts at Amazon. A DRM protected Kindle book must be associated with an Amazon account and can be accessed on up to 6 Kindle-compatible devices, where each device is registered to the same Amazon account. A Kindle-compatible account can only be registered with one Amazon account at a time. This gives us several options:

  1. Buy Kindle books via both of our separate Amazon accounts. If I wanted to share a Kindle book with her (or any one else), then I'd have to lend someone my Kindle DX, or have an extra Kindle registered to my account that I could lend. Neither option sounds very good. She could also just buy the same book on her own account but that's not sharing something I own --it's buying it again. Separate accounts does have the advantage of privacy in that we could each purchase Kindle books that we don't want the other to know about.
  2. Buy Kindle books via just her Amazon account. My Kindle DX would be registered to her account. We would be able to share books, but we would have the same Kindle book list, plus I would also be able to see her non-Kindle book purchases and info at Amazon.If we got a 3rd Kindle for the family in general, then we could put particular books on that Kindle, but they could also connect to Amazon with the Kindle and see all our other books.
  3. Create a new family Amazon account and use that for buying Kindle books. Our Kindles would then be registered to the family Amazon account. This scenario is exactly the same as the previous scenario except that we could continue to use our separate Amazon accounts for non-Kindle purchases and thus have privacy for that stuff from each other.

FYI: The scenario is roughly the same for Barnes & Noble, where the e-books are tied to an account. There is the added difference that Barnes & Noble uses .pdb, whose DRM scheme is also tied to a credit card.

In actuality, my wife, my kids, and I are pretty open and we don't care who sees whose books or Amazon purchases so we're going with option #2. With non-DRM e-books the scenario becomes much easier. We can share copies of e-books that we bought within our family. We know that it would be illegal to copy it and give it to others. Perhaps we should be allowed to lend copies to friends that expire in a week. That should whet their appetites so they might buy the book for themselves. On the other hand wouldn't all those broke college students find some way to get free copies of the books they need? People have to realize that if the sellers and creators don't make money, then how can they continue to give us good content?

In one sense digital print has been around for a while: The Web has lots of text! Social digital print has also been around for a while: Email! Blogs! Groups! Facebook! The "social" aspect of digital media as in songs and books however, is only just starting. It's not just a matter of finding out what's hot as in Pandora, Spotify, etc., but of discussing, note taking, excerpting. Of the e-book readers, only the iRex/Philips iLiad has serious note taking features. Each e-book should have at least one site that's a jumping point for discussions centered around the book.


Anyhow this post is getting a little long. What I do with books is find them, buy them, read them, bookmark my place, take notes, look things up, share them with folks, and reference the books. I'd like to be able to do the same thing with e-books, but with the advantage of portability, some connectivity, and digital notes. I'm tempted by the Apple tablet because it has color, video, and can take notes, but it would also need a big book store, free connectivity, and better battery life. Amazon and Barnes & Noble should continue to compete against each other for a cheaper e-book reader that can take better notes and can read e-books from more sources. The big thing is that more and more books should be digitized. The World Wide Web is amazing, Google is amazing, Wikipedia is amazing. The ability to access all the books, old or new, from anywhere would be amazing too!

2009-07-31t18:45:29 Z | TAGS: Cool, Fighting, Live Action, MARTIAL, Mind, Music, Videos
World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale [] [VIA: Charles]

Music is something so natural and yet so perplexing. My wife has lots of musical training and talent, and my deceased brother was an advanced classical pianist, but in contrast I'm literally half deaf with my SSD/UHL. In spite of my low self-confidence with music, I have recently been compelled to start fiddling with a soprano recorder and an alto/treble recorder and I plan to get a B flat clarinet. Given my geeky nature, I have found myself delving into music theory and music/brain experiments. As a novice in the field, the more I dig, the more ignorant and talentless I feel.

Bobby McFerrin is referring to a musical sense innate to most of us. However, just as some people are color blind, some people have brains that are "music blind" as in they cannot detect the music (beauty of sounds). Some people have limited abilities in detecting (let alone appreciating or creating) rhythm or pitch or harmony or melody or some combination. So when it comes to teaching or learning music (or other topics), the sensitivity of the audience must be taken into account --especially if teaching smaller classes. My father-in-law apparently has such a bad sense of pitch that when he was in choir, he was once told to just move his lips.

As far as the pentatonic scale, it sounds simple but the theory is odd. An octave is where the interval between 2 notes is double or half in frequency.

Chromatic scales have 11 intervals per octave, which is like pressing white and black keys on a piano sequentially like this:
C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C = 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 semitone = 11 intervals

Octatonic scales have 8 intervals per octave, like this:
C, C#, D#, E, F#, G, A, A#, C = 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 semitones = 8 intervals

Heptatonic scales have 7 intervals per octave, which in C major is like pressing the white keys on a piano sequentially like this:
C, D, E, F G, A, B, C = 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1 semitone = 7 intervals

Hexatonic scales have 6 intervals per octave, which is done in whole tones like this:
C, D, E, F#, G#, A#, C = 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 semitones = 6 intervals

Pentatonic scales have 5 intervals per octave like this:
C, D, E, G, A, C = 2, 2, 3, 2, 3 semitones = 5 intervals

And so on for tetratonic (4 intervals), tritonic (3 intervals), and ditonic (2 intervals).

There are actually many other scales, but what most people hear these days are popular variants of heptatonic scales such as the diatonic/major, harmonic minor, and melodic major. The discussions then get way over my head. Why does a major scale sound bright while a minor scale sounds sad? Tonality and the Circle of Fifths seem nice but they make less sense than the Golden Ratio. Modern music notation is done with heptatonic staffs --why not convert to chromatic staffs and get rid of all those annoying accidentals (sharps, flats, etc.)?

BTW: I posted something about different kinds of breathing, but breathing for musical instruments is it's own world. Getting the right volume and velocity, breathing instead of blowing, and tricks like circular breathing [W] (see for an example) are so cool.

Two things to bring it into the Western Martial Arts (WMA) realm:

While there is a certain amount of timelessness and universality to music, there is also an amazing amount of contemporary and cultural musical conditioning that we are not usually conscious of.

Music is very pertinent to martial arts as far as studying rhythm, time, intensity, etc. The key part though is that music is largely about consonance and harmony, and martial arts does that too, but also has an emphasis on creating dissonance and instability.

2011-05-11t17:40:27 Z | TAGS: Amazon, Apple, Cyber Life, Google, Microsoft, Music, TECH
About Music Beta by Google
About Music Beta by Google []

The music cloud wars are upon us.

Get your music from anywhere (Apple, Amazon, etc), sync them and store them at Google's cloud. Like Amazon Cloud Player, you don't have to worry about space. Apple's music cloud should be coming out soon. Microsoft?

It shouldn't just be music though. It should be contacts, books, videos, photos, files, whatever. Key issues include syncing multiple sources, monetizing, and selecting subsets for when your offline with little space.

2012-02-18t23:09:10 Z | TAGS: Books, Conditioning, Go, Literature, Music, My Stuff, Politics, Ramblings, Reading, Videos
I disappeared
Instead of checking Facebook, G+, reddit, etc, I've been selfish! I've been reading books (Douglass, Dickens, Emerson), playing (Go, piano), watching Netflix, avoiding election news, dining out, working out, doing lots of work work, slumming with family, and ... ah rats! We all that stuff whether we surf or not, but I admit that I like to disappear now and then. And yes, I was also to lazy to send Christmas cards again!

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