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  6. Why Sex With Creatures from the Future Is a Bad Idea TAGS: Biology. Cool. Evolution. Funny. Movies. Science Fiction.
20080620 192624 Z Firefox 3 Robot Themed Easter Egg laughingsqui … emed-easter-egg/ www.reddit.c … /6o5fg/comments/ Futurama, Movies, Reading, Science Fiction, TV I confirmed it. I typed in "about:robots" into the address bar in Firefox 3 and I got the exact image. Each thing on it refers to a robots. The Gort and peace is from when The Day The Earth Stood Still. The in action is from Isaac Asimov's Rules of Robotics. The wouldn't believe is from Bladerunner. The plastic pal is from Hitchhiker's. The shiny metal is from Futurama. The plan is from BSG. There were a few more that the reddit thread pointed out too!
20080718 222946 Z Watchmen Trailer www.trailera … watchmen/trailer … Trailer_is_HERE_ Comics, Cool, Images, Live Action, Movies, Videos This preview is for Watchmen (2009) a movie scheduled for release 2009-03-06. Good timing to release the preview on the Day that The Dark Knight (2009) comes out. The Watchmen (1986) was straight, serious, cynical work, and is probably the most critically acclaimed graphic novel to date. The trailer looks true to the original: beautiful but gritty.
20080817 133054 Z Death Star over San Francisco … er_san_francisco … ancisco_2?OTC-ig Chill, Cool, Funny, Live Action, Movies, Star Wars, Videos Well done! I'll show it to my kids when they wake up. I'll assume that I won't have to tell them that it was video-chopped.
20081002 023407 Z New York International Children's Film Festival 2008 Connie Animation, Cool, Funny, Kids, Live Action, Movies, Videos Not just for kid! Some really cool movies and videos online and in theaters.
20090508 171314 Z MOON A Film by Duncan Jones www.sonyclas … oon/trailer.html www.reddit.c … e_is_coming_out/ Cool, Live Action, Movies, Space, Videos Haven't seen Sci Fi that's more like Science Fiction in a while.
20090609 155337 Z The Hunt For Gollum … ch?v=9H09xnhlCQU Chill, Movies, Tolkien, Videos I saw this a few weeks ago. It's a "fan fiction" video for Lord of the Rings. They had a lot of unpaid volunteers so they were able to make it for less than $5,000. It's done in the style of Peter Jackson's movies and covers the years that Gandalf and Aragorn spent finding out about The Ring and Gollum.
20090808 144312 Z Bye bye land line Cyber Life, Family, Home, Kids, Movies, My Stuff, TECH, TV, Videos All we get on the land line is spam. We have cell phones (which gets spam too). We don't phone/fax much. There's lots of video on the Internet. We don't watch much TV. So... We're going to dump the AT&T land line, DSL (2.58 Mbps), and dish TV at $140/mo. We're going to get Comcast cable Internet (12 Mbps) at $43/mo and Netflix at $9/mo. Wife and kids approve. All is good.
20100323 020938 Z Incestual Undertones in Star Wars … ch?v=6IPAGXyFvrs Funny, Movies, Saucy, Star Wars, Videos Finally: A bit of Star Wars and Kill Bill mash up.
20100621 004011 Z Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man Beauty, Live Action, Movies, Relations, Sad, Videos A short movie (22:48), sweet and sad, well produced. The backstory on the Tin Woodsmen from The Wizard of Oz.
20101014 202019 Z Netflix on PS3: Disc-free Next Week … 0/14/netflixps3/ Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Movies, Sony, TECH, TV, Video Games Sweet. I love the Netflix and Sony PS3/Blue Ray/TV integration thingy so far and I'm looking forward to Google getting in the mix.
20110207 162015 Z Captain America and Thor Keith Chill, Comics, Cool, Inspiring, Movies, TV, Videos Man the sneak peek videos look awesome! 'Captain America' Super Bowl spot. Watch the Thor Super Bowl Spot.
20111130 155115 Z The Hunger Games - Official Theatrical Trailer [1080p HD] … ch?v=lIVKX4Wu77U Books, Cool, Movies, Survivalism, Text, Training, Videos I just read the whole Hunger Games trilogy during Thanksgiving weekend, and I am pumped for the movie coming out March 23! Katniss is played by Jennifer Lawrence who also played Mystique in X-Men: First Class. Woody Harrelson plays Haymitch!
20130113 174615 Z Live Action Toy Story / … osts/3roVE187tFJ Animation, Cool, Home Videos, Kids, Live Action, Movies, Videos Using real toys and real people. I've already seen this move a bajillion times with my kids, but I might rewatch it this way.
20130401 020438 Z From Up on Poppy Hill en.wikipedia … Up_on_Poppy_Hill Animation, Anime, Art, Beauty, Family, Inspiring, Kids, Movies, Sad Our family saw the latest movie from Studio Ghibli: "From Up on Poppy Hill". It was amazing. No magic, no fantasy, no sci fi. It's set in 1964 Japan and smacks of sincerity.
2008-07-18t22:16:54 Z | TAGS: Animation, Batman, Comics, Crude, Funny, Images, Language, Live Action, Movies, NSFW
I'm the Batman
The Dark Knight (2008) novie comes out today so it makes sense to post something Batman related. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) [W] comic by Frank Miller was a totally different story, but pretty dark too. It's set in an alternate future where Superman has become a government yes-man and Batman has to fight him. Someone made this animated gif that captures the essence of the story and uses Christian Bale (who co-stars in today's movie along with Heath Ledger) as Bruce Wayne. As in the usual Batman v Superman stories, Batman usually wins because he planned something ahead of time.
mod of Christian Bale so he plays Bruce Wayne of Dark Knight Returns
2008-09-28t15:02:16 Z | TAGS: Economy, Journalism, Live Action, Movies, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos
Bailout looming

It sounds like the lawmakers may have the bailout later today: Lawmakers Say They Have Breakthrough on Rescue Plan (Update3) []. I hope they have something good for us but I'm very skeptical. Here's what I emailed a few of my friends 2 days ago:

My thoughts: I'm with Ron Paul as in against price fixing and against the bailout. The over-leveraged stuff needs to be trashed instead of re-circulated. I'm for a true free market (not an artificial one), but with more regulations and transparency to protect the consumers. As in you're free to drive around the country but there should be traffic laws for everybody for safety's sake. Inaction is an action. Certainly Bush-style rule by over-powered, unwatched, constitution-violating fiat is not what I want. I'm $700 billion is an estimate and it could very well be $4 trillion or more. They need to come up with a palatable solution, but eventually they'll come out with something, anything.

My actions: Personally, I transferred my money from JPMorgan Chase to a smaller bank in August. I got better rates and free movie tickets! (On one hand Chase may come out of this quite well, but on the other hand they're going to be very chaotic.) I told you guys ages ago that there was a housing bubble and to buy gold, that's why my house is for living and not so much an investment, while my gold has fared much much better than almost any other investment. I switched 25% of my future 401k transactions to more conservative choices. Investing in solar.

One interesting thing about this bailout is that Bush is pushing it and the Democrats (who have the majority in Congress) are for it, but there are some conservatives and some Democrats who want to think about this a bit more. I think working out a trillion dollar deal in just a few days is indeed something to approach with care.

Two fun links related to the bailout:

2008-10-06t21:56:29 Z | TAGS: Biology, Chill, Cool, Movies, Quote, Science, Videos
Two random cool videos

Just to take away the bad taste that the Republicans leave in my mouth:

2009-10-10t15:19:14 Z | TAGS: Books, History, Language, Literature, Movies, Text, Videos
War of the Gargantuas
Last night we watched "War of the Gargantuas" (1960) [W], a Japanese giant monster movie that Julia Hernandez saw when she was a kid. It was released in Japan as "Frankenstein's Monsters: Sanda versus Gaira". Interestingly someone in the chain of naming the English version must have been aware of "La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel" [W], which Wikipedia describes as "a connected series of five novels written in the 16th century by François Rabelais. It is the story of two giants, a father (Gargantua) and his son (Pantagruel) and their adventures". Apparently Rabelais invented hundreds of words, some of which entered the French language.
2010-03-30t12:52:24 Z | TAGS: Armor, Beauty, Fauna, Images, Movies, Nature, Photos
OCEANS: 2.5-foot giant isopod found attached to remotely operated underwater vehicle
OCEANS: 2.5-foot giant isopod found attached to remotely operated underwater vehicle [] [VIA:]

I ran across this photo of a species of Giant Isopod (~2.5' or 75 cm) pulled from the ocean deep. Horrific and beautiful at the same time. I hear these are a delicacy in some parts of the world. I then started poking around its family tree in Wikipedia. Other isopods include pill bugs, whose design reminded me of armour like this:

Giant Isopod

We tend to be most impressed by the exoskeletons of Crustaceans (lobsters and such), but the Anthropod phylum consists of many masterpieces of segmented armour (scorpions, beetles). I can tie this thread back to WMA because the remake of "Clash of the Titans" is coming out in a few days, and it has giant scorpions and a Kraken in it.

I like the idea of people looking at nature, dreaming up our own versions of armour, and dealing with the engineering issues of attachment and balancing mass, protection, and dexterity. I find it hard to separate form from function, beauty from practicality.

2011-06-22t17:25:04 Z | TAGS: Biology, Cool, Evolution, Funny, Movies, Science Fiction
Why Sex With Creatures from the Future Is a Bad Idea
Why Sex With Creatures from the Future Is a Bad Idea []
Science with Sci Fi goodness! Go, go sea monkeys! "What makes time-shifting sex hazardous to health is something called antagonistic coevolution, a way that different species (parasites and hosts, for example) or members of the same species (males and females) adapt to each other to promote their own individual reproductive interests." The stuff about the vagina as a hostile environment rocks!

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