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  1. Cannot open Excel in Internet Explorer TAGS: Cyber Tech. Excel. Microsoft. My Stuff. Programming. TECH.
  2. File format wars TAGS: Free Gratis. Microsoft. Office. Open Source. Software. Standards. Sun. TECH.
  3. Specify your canonical TAGS: Browser. Cyber Tech. Google. HTML. Microsoft. Standards. TECH. Yahoo!.
  4. Rich Internet Apps TAGS: Animation. Apple. Browser. Cyber Tech. Firefox. Google. Microsoft. Programming. Standards. Sun Microsystems. TECH. Videos.
  5. Video: Douglas Crockford - The State and Future of JavaScript TAGS: Cyber Tech. IBM. JavaScript. Microsoft. Programming. TECH. Yahoo!.
  6. ASP.NET output that isn't HTML TAGS: ASP.NET. Cyber Tech. Microsoft. Programming. TECH.
  7. About Music Beta by Google TAGS: Amazon. Apple. Cyber Life. Google. Microsoft. Music. TECH.
  8. Review of my software usage TAGS: Amazon. Apple. Cyber Life. Google. Hardware. Microsoft. My Stuff. Software. TECH.
20080701 220045 Z Bill Gates bids farewell to Microsoft news.zdnet.c … 5_22-208816.html Microsoft, Money, News This has been 2 years in the making because while Bill Gates officially retired 2008-06-27, he announced his retirement 2006-06-15. For many years Gates and Microsoft have made software used by millions. Now and then we have problems and thus Gates and MS get their fair share of complaints, but overall I use Windows daily and I don't have that much to complain about. Bill Gates has retired so he can focus more on his philanthropic work. To have so much money and time to spend on philanthropy is incredible, and for that I put Bill Gates on my heroes list.
20080703 151517 Z Microsoft to sell Office, OneCare for $70 a year www.technolo … 1/?nlid=1187&a=f Business, Microsoft, Office, Security

So Microsoft will bundle Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) with OneCare (security, anti-virus, firewall, backup software) for an annual subscription of $70. People are willing to dish out money every year for security software (because the attacks change all the time) but people don't necessarily want to upgrade Office every year (because they use 20% of the features 90% of the time).

Microsoft hasn't sold security software before. Perhaps they didn't care (although that flies in their pro-security face) or didn't want to compete/monopolize. But now that Office sales are flat, they'll give it a try by bundling security software with Office? It sounds more like a marketing trick than selling a better product.

20080820 141405 Z Using XML to Enhance the Performance of String Manipulations www.sqlserve … icles/XML/63633/ Databases, Microsoft, SQL, TECH, XML Nice article by Wayne Sheffield on using the XML functionality built into SQL Server to not only create XML, but also to non-XML related large string maniuplations like creating comma separated values (CSV) or parsing CSV. One of the tests improved from a 37.75 minute runtime to a 260 ms runtime!
20080920 033046 Z Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ad Beats Seinfeld (But Not Hodgman) … -but-not-hodgman … eld_VIDEO?OTC-ig Ad, Apple, Cool, Live Action, Microsoft, Videos Well done video ad by Microsoft. Probably the first ad by Microsoft that effectively counters the Mac versus PC ads by Apple. Macs are nice and all (I still have my old Mac Classic in the closet), but I use a PC everyday. Funny how Macs run Mac OS, PCs run Windows, and machines run Unix/Linux.
20090305 210129 Z This is the Microsoft I want to see venturebeat. … t-i-want-to-see/ … microsoft_vision Cool, Cyber Life, Gadget, Microsoft, TECH, Videos Ubiquitous Internet/cloud-enabled, touch pads. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't been putting out more videos like this, because they've shown them at conventions before.
20090410 125648 Z Changing a Non-IDENTITY column to IDENTITY and vice versa www.sqlserve … les/T-SQL/61979/ Databases, Microsoft, Programming, SQL, TECH Maybe useful later.
20090508 170425 Z Windows 7 RC1: 10 Things You Need to Know … you-need-to-know … You_Need_to_Know Microsoft, Operating System, Software, TECH I've been hearing really good reviews about Windows 7 RC from various sources including a Sys Admin.
20090729 161712 Z Yahoo Gives In to Microsoft, Gives Up on Search … 90728_826397.htm … ves_Up_on_Search Cyber Life, Google, Microsoft, Money, News, Yahoo! So Yahoo search (~20% share) will effectively become Microsoft Bing search (~10%), and will become the clear 2nd place search engine following Google with 65%. This smells of the death of Yahoo. Yahoo stock went down 11% after this news came out: "Stocks slump on Yahoo, durables" []
20090810 150842 Z An Operating System for the Cloud www.technolo … 23140/?nlid=2255 Apple, Cyber Life, Google, Microsoft, Operating System, TECH A review of the operating system (OS), from where it's been with the mainframes and Microsoft, to where it is with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, to where might go with Google. The review could have been more in depth but the potential of the article is nice.
20090923 191345 Z Courier: First Details of Microsoft's Secret Tablet … ts-secret-tablet www.reddit.c … s_secret_tablet/ Amazon, Books, Computers, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, Hardware, Images, Microsoft, Reading, TECH, Text, Videos Some details about the tablet by Microsoft called "Courier". More details than we've ever gotten from Apple about their potential tablet. While I'm biting my nails over the potential choices, my wife is simply enjoying her Kindle. She's so smart.
20091218 163303 Z Ten years of .NET - Did Microsoft deliver? www.theregis … t_net_noughties/ developers.s … omises?art_pos=5 Computers, Microsoft, Programming, Sun Microsystems, TECH I must have blinked, because given the article and the comments, you'd think that Java lost the war and Microsoft .NET has won.
20110913 181152 Z Microsoft Windows 8 Complete Guide www.slashgea … -guide-13179119/ Microsoft, Operating System, TECH Windows 8 is looking pretty good. I like the idea of having the same OS that scales depending on the device: phone, tablet, desktop, server.
20150306 172716 Z Angular 2: Built on TypeScript blogs.msdn.c … -typescript.aspx Google, JavaScript, Microsoft, Programming, TECH The upcoming open Angular 2 by Google will be built on the open TypeScript by Microsoft, especially since features of AtScript by Google will be incorporated into TypeScript. While people may not like the incompatibility between Angular 1 and 2, people should like ECMAScript 5/6/7 awareness and collaboration betwen Google and Microsoft!
2008-08-01t17:53:20 Z | TAGS: Cyber Tech, Excel, Microsoft, My Stuff, Programming, TECH
Cannot open Excel in Internet Explorer

It is fairly well known that you can easily turn simple HTML tables into Excel files by giving it a different MIME with code like the following: Response.ContentType = "application/";. Greg Griffiths writes about it in "MS Excel", which also include other methods of getting Excel files to a user via browser. There are other cheesy methods such as generating a CSV and so on.

However, I recently ran into the issue where the MIME-change version was working for all browsers except for Internet Explorer. Furthermore, it worked on IE7 for the LAN but not the Web. I did the usual scouring the Web via Google and MSDN, but was unsuccessful. What finally led me to the solution was the little nugget about how Response.AddHeader() had to be used before any other output. That's when I dug through the various includes on the pages and noticed that way up on top there was some cache code. I just elimated that and BAM! All is well! Another case of needing to minimize settings in includes.

Here is the simple test page I made in ASP JavaScript. Note the cache code that I commented out that fixed the problem.

<%@ language="javascript" %>
Response.Expires = -1;
//Response.CacheControl = "no-cache";
//Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
Response.ContentType = "application/";
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;Filename=ExcelTests.xls");

Response.Write("    <tr>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>a1</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>b1</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>c1</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("    </tr>\r\n");
Response.Write("    <tr>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>a2</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>b2</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>c2</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("    </tr>\r\n");
Response.Write("    <tr>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>a3</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>b3</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("        <td>c3</td>\r\n");
Response.Write("    </tr>\r\n");
2008-08-18t14:32:30 Z | TAGS: Free Gratis, Microsoft, Office, Open Source, Software, Standards, Sun, TECH
File format wars

I love watching technical standards wars. While it's fairly easily to compare the sides on a "objective" technical basis, the wars are often muddied by a goofy factors like politics, patents, proprietary issues, legacy issues, momentum issues, etc. For example the metric system is far superior to others systems of measurement and yet three countries on the planet persist on not using SI: The US, Myanmar, and Liberia. Ridiculous!

Anyhow right now there is a tech standards war going on over "office" documents like word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, and mathematical representations. The two sides are roughly Microsoft with its Office Open XML (OOXML or OpenXML) [W] and Sun with its OpenDocument Format (ODF) [W]. OOXML is standardized with Ecma International as Ecma-376 and is in the process of standardization with the ISO/IEC as ISO/IEC DIS 29500. ODF is not standarized with the Ecma but it is an official ISO/IEC standard as ISO/IEC 26300:2006.

Whether OOXML is better or worse than ODF should involve a deeper look but given that the OOXML standard is over 6,000 pages long while the ODF standard is under 900 pages, I'm leaning towards ODF. My concern is that there should be a single standard for greater inter-operability. Microsoft is, of course, the biggest player in Office documents, but I think Sun's drive has helped push Microsoft towards an open and universal format regardless of how the details settle in the end.

2009-03-26t16:48:50 Z | TAGS: Browser, Cyber Tech, Google, HTML, Microsoft, Standards, TECH, Yahoo!
Specify your canonical
Specify your canonical []

This is a new link to include in HTML headers for the purpose of URL normalization [W]. It's supported by big players such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Here are a few other related links:

It's so easy to implement, that I just tweaked my site to have it on almost all pages in just a few minutes.

2009-07-10t19:13:15 Z | TAGS: Animation, Apple, Browser, Cyber Tech, Firefox, Google, Microsoft, Programming, Standards, Sun Microsystems, TECH, Videos
Rich Internet Apps

Just a quickie tech review:

2009-11-10t16:19:59 Z | TAGS: Cyber Tech, IBM, JavaScript, Microsoft, Programming, TECH, Yahoo!
Video: Douglas Crockford - The State and Future of JavaScript
Video: Douglas Crockford - The State and Future of JavaScript []

An hour long speech by Douglas Crockford of Yahoo, but you can also just read the transcript too. Some very nice stuff in there:

2010-04-26t16:30:40 Z | TAGS: ASP.NET, Cyber Tech, Microsoft, Programming, TECH
ASP.NET output that isn't HTML

One of the first things I needed to do with ASP.NET was output a non-HTML page, i.e. change the HTTP output. An ASP.NET generic handler file (*.ashx) does just that. You can output text (*.txt, *.json, *.xml, *.html, etc.) or binary (*.jpg, , *.mp4, *.swf, etc.) or just about any electronic file you want to. BTW, it is trivial to do this in Classic ASP, but .NET allows some fancier stuff too.

2011-05-11t17:40:27 Z | TAGS: Amazon, Apple, Cyber Life, Google, Microsoft, Music, TECH
About Music Beta by Google
About Music Beta by Google []

The music cloud wars are upon us.

Get your music from anywhere (Apple, Amazon, etc), sync them and store them at Google's cloud. Like Amazon Cloud Player, you don't have to worry about space. Apple's music cloud should be coming out soon. Microsoft?

It shouldn't just be music though. It should be contacts, books, videos, photos, files, whatever. Key issues include syncing multiple sources, monetizing, and selecting subsets for when your offline with little space.

2011-12-28t17:10:29 Z | TAGS: Amazon, Apple, Cyber Life, Google, Hardware, Microsoft, My Stuff, Software, TECH
Review of my software usage

I periodically do a review of my software usage -- especially if I've gotten a new computer! However this year I'll emphasize software on my phone and tablet.

Hardware and Operating System:

Games: Lots available for phone, tablet, comp, console, physical, etc. These are more for my kids.

Comics: Just read in print or online with a big screen!

Reading: Going with e-books if available. Hesitating on digital NGM because we love the print.

News: Perhaps we all check the news too often!

Audio: I don't do lots of music, but so far I like Amazon's handling of music better than Google and Apple. Yay radio!

Media: I watch YouTube and Netflix, but I don't do much TV, otherwise cable and Hulu might be interesting.

Phone: I use the fewest phone minutes in my family. Waiting for phone wallets to mature.

SMS/IM: Yes, my family texts/chats often!

Email: I prefer to do email at a full computer. Urgent communications should be done by phone or text.

Social: I prefer to do social sites on a full computer. I do Facebook, but barely do Twitter and the rest.

Office and Files: I prefer to do office stuff on a full computer but I love having centralized simple text files that my wife and I can both access. I'd really like to log my workouts in my Google Docs spreadsheets but the interface is a clunky.

Maps: Mobile maps is important when you're travelling.

Utilities: A calculator with basic science functions should be built-in!

Special Apps:


Non-mobile computer software brief version:

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