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20080920 033046 Z Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ad Beats Seinfeld (But Not Hodgman) … -but-not-hodgman … eld_VIDEO?OTC-ig Ad, Apple, Cool, Live Action, Microsoft, Videos Well done video ad by Microsoft. Probably the first ad by Microsoft that effectively counters the Mac versus PC ads by Apple. Macs are nice and all (I still have my old Mac Classic in the closet), but I use a PC everyday. Funny how Macs run Mac OS, PCs run Windows, and machines run Unix/Linux.
20090227 195931 Z Don't Judge Too Quickly... We Won't. www.metacafe … quickly_we_wont/ … ickly_We_Won_t_2 Ad, Crude, Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Videos 5 funny commercials by Ameriquest.
20090519 091054 Z Selling furniture with racial harmony, melody … 0814287/from/ET/ Mike Ad, Chill, Funny, Live Action, Videos It works for me.
20090520 184252 Z Massage Therapist for Models … ch?v=l1TcJKFB0sY www.reddit.c … masseur_nsfw_if/ Ad, Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Videos Tough job.
20090620 000619 Z Divided Salli saddle chair seat … ch?v=NMj4R5PeOvI www.reddit.c … d_chair_ad_ever/ Ad, Crude, Funny, Gadget, Health, Live Action, Videos I can't help but giggle when he says "genitals"! There are so many good lines in this video. On the other hand, a split saddle seat is good, especially for biking.
20100127 025430 Z - AIDES GRAFFITI … ch?v=9WPNhlzGoM0 www.reddit.c … ive_advertising/ Ad, Animation, Funny, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Sex, Videos Well done.

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