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  1. Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party TAGS: Chill. Cool. Funny. Live Action. Music. Psychology. Videos.
  2. Man Gets Tazed, Mocks Cops, and Gets Away TAGS: Funny. Legal. Live Action. MARTIAL. Quirky. Self Defense. Videos. Violence.
  3. Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009 TAGS: Cool. Funny. Journalism. Live Action. Politics. TV. USA. Videos. World. Wrestling.
  4. BB Video: The Flaming Bacon Lance of Death, from Theo Gray's book "Mad Science" TAGS: Chill. Cool. Crude. Food. Funny. Gadget. Pyro. TECH. Videos.
  5. Who says TV anchors have no moves? TAGS: Chicago. Chill. Cool. Funny. TV. Videos.
  6. How is babby formed? TAGS: Animation. Funny. Videos.
  7. SNL on 1st debate and Palin interview TAGS: Funny. Journalism. Live Action. News. Performance. Politics. Sad. Show Biz. TV. USA. Videos.
20130929 152518 Z Work It - Ylvis [FULL HD] [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Biology, Chill, Cyber Life, Funny, Gadget, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Science, Videos Music vid that has stem, sex, & lol!
20110726 133055 Z 2D Photography Rube Goldberg Chill, Cool, Cyber Life, Funny, Gear, Live Action, Photography, Photos, TECH, Videos Photographers have too much time and creativity!
20100323 020938 Z Incestual Undertones in Star Wars … ch?v=6IPAGXyFvrs Funny, Movies, Saucy, Star Wars, Videos Finally: A bit of Star Wars and Kill Bill mash up.
20100313 044939 Z Russian Singer Eduard Khil Remix … 78IlJs5JQ&fmt=18 www.reddit.c … y_has_a_bad_day/ Audio, Chill, Funny, Live Action, Videos Nearly lost my milk and cookies. If you haven't seen the original, then watch it first: Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой .
20100303 030720 Z Best Fails of 2009 www.funnyord … -2009?rel=player … _Fails_of_2009_7 Chill, Cyber Life, Funny, Live Action, Videos The kids and I liked this, but then again we've been keeping up with failblog.
20100227 234445 Z "Life in Quarantine," by Fully Sick Rapper www.collegeh … om/video:1929784 www.reddit.c … i_love_this_man/ Chill, Funny, Live Action, Music, Videos Time well spent in quarantine: "Christian Van Vuuren was diagnosed with TB and has spent the last 55 days quarantined to a single hospital room. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he made this amazing rap video. I hope he recovers, I want to hang out with him."
20100127 025430 Z - AIDES GRAFFITI … ch?v=9WPNhlzGoM0 www.reddit.c … ive_advertising/ Ad, Animation, Funny, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Sex, Videos Well done.
20100120 160142 Z Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat … ch?v=c4aQCiRjvZY Gus Funny, Politics, Sad, USA, Videos Republicans and Democrats alike will like this video. Kennedy's seat barely got cold and it went to a Republican?!?! OMFG! This had better wake up some folks. Boring old Croakley sat on her ass and took Kennedy's seat for granted. Pretty boy Brown kept smiling, fought hard and won. Congratulations Mr. Brown.
20091015 161217 Z Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer … r-more-beer.html … _More_Beer_Video Chill, Crude, Funny, Live Action, Training, Videos How to work on your falls and getting up.
20090925 155827 Z Hitler Loses Faith in Reddit … ch?v=eNW2y6DTwtw www.reddit.c … nce_with_reddit/ Cyber Life, Funny, Live Action, Videos The source would have to be reddit. ಠ_ಠ
20090925 150607 Z Girlfriend Scared by Fake Head in Bed … head-in-bed.html … ting_Head_in_Bed Chill, Funny, Home Videos, Live Action, Videos I just know my kids will love this.
20090819 190722 Z I made a flow chart, that we might better understand. jeannr.tumbl … -we-might-better www.reddit.c … _flow_chart_pic/ Chill, Funny, Music, Quirky, Videos A flowchart of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler [], which also led me to this version of the song by Hurrah Torpedo [].
20090724 193423 Z JK Wedding Entrance Dance … ch?v=4-94JhLEiN0 www.reddit.c … y_wedding_video/ Chill, Cool, Cute, Funny, Inspiring, Live Action, Videos Best wedding entrance I've ever seen. I'm guessing the reception dinner was a blast too!
20090621 132230 Z Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO) … rsIyzsOpc&fmt=18 … ccount_and_Video Blizzard, Crude, Cyber Life, Funny, Home Videos, Live Action, Quirky, Saucy, Video Games, Videos Some people are saying fake, but it looks pretty sincere to me. You have to love siblings.
20090620 000619 Z Divided Salli saddle chair seat … ch?v=NMj4R5PeOvI www.reddit.c … d_chair_ad_ever/ Ad, Crude, Funny, Gadget, Health, Live Action, Videos I can't help but giggle when he says "genitals"! There are so many good lines in this video. On the other hand, a split saddle seat is good, especially for biking.
20090619 232519 Z Invisible Rope Prank www.manolith … ible-rope-prank/ Beauty, Chill, Cool, Funny, Live Action, Videos Simple and beautiful.
20090609 160607 Z Re: Re: You, Me, & Problems With the World … ch?v=wyvUvDUODGw www.reddit.c … _of_wtf_this_is/ Animation, Chill, Crude, Funny, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Videos Not everybody's kind of humor (my wife didn't like it), but I thought it was funny.
20090609 160404 Z Dogway Melody - Queenie in Trouble … ch?v=SOXHtRsTtk0 www.reddit.c … hen_theres_this/ Funny, Live Action, Videos Dogs drinking.
20090609 160249 Z Fit's Soft and long-lasting flavor gum Chill, Cool, Funny, Japan, Kids, Live Action, Videos My daughter, Connie, and I have been watching these short dance videos that people have been turning in for the Fit's gum promotional video contest. Last I checked this girl was number one []. It's a fun little Japanese thing as noted here: Lotte Fit’s Gum Dance Contest with YouTube [].
20090520 184252 Z Massage Therapist for Models … ch?v=l1TcJKFB0sY www.reddit.c … masseur_nsfw_if/ Ad, Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Videos Tough job.
20090519 091054 Z Selling furniture with racial harmony, melody … 0814287/from/ET/ Mike Ad, Chill, Funny, Live Action, Videos It works for me.
20090519 090632 Z Surviving Edged Weapons … ch?v=TFr30p0aZl0 Poji Fighting, Filipino Martial Arts, Funny, Knives, Live Action, MARTIAL, Self Defense, Survivalism, Videos What a hoot! By coincidence, I stumbled upon "Black Mama, White Mama" on TV other day. It's fun Filipino funkiness, but it had too many guns and not enough knives.
20090430 193449 Z Triumph vs Star Wars Geeks www.milkandc … ink/2536/detail/ Mary Crude, Culture, Funny, Live Action, Science Fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien, Videos An oldie but it's still funny every time I see it. Just for kicks, here's Triumph giving a weather report for Hawaiian TV.
20090429 191956 Z Cliff May Unedited Interview Pt. 1 www.thedaily … edited-interview www.reddit.c … ain_as_a_gifted/ Ethics, Funny, Jon Stewart, Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos, War Cliff May and Jon Stewart debate the recent torture issue. It's good to see folks who come from such opposites sides of an issue, but who are able to do an actual exchange. It's not pretty but it seemed sincere. BTW: I'm with Jon Stewart on this issue.
20090417 180628 Z We Didn't Start the Flame War www.collegeh … om/video:1907543 … _War_Music_Video Chill, Crude, Cute, Cyber Life, Funny, Live Action, Videos Good job! Sadly, many of us have seen almost everything in the video.
20090414 183849 Z Stop motion with wolf and pig … ch?v=rmkLlVzUBn4 … ith_wolf_and_pig Animation, Chill, Cute, Funny, Kids, Live Action, Videos Creative and funny. I'll be sure to see this with my kids.
20090414 020532 Z Hakuho vs Asashoryu - the real SUMO fighting 8 … ch?v=OV5LF8dwd-8 www.reddit.c … d_this_way_just/ Chill, Cool, Fighting, Funny, Japanese Martial Arts, Live Action, Standup Fighting, Videos, Wrestling I hope the video from the recent Chicago Swordplay Guild (Csg) [Chicagoswordplayguild.Com] prize play that I did has special effects like these.
20090326 155323 Z Iron Man vs Bruce Lee (01:00) … ch?v=Ywu1DeqXTg4 technorati.c … Fv%3DYwu1DeqXTg4 Animation, Chill, Chinese Martial Arts, Comics, Cool, Funny, MARTIAL, Show Biz, Standup Fighting, Videos Haha! What hooked me was the surprise ending.
20090306 010331 Z japan funny dance … ch?v=_rEIDEnDzgw Funny, Japan, Quirky, TV, Videos Actually well done.
20090306 005829 Z Kaiten (conveyor) sushi time in real Japan … ch?v=491A3Xecwxs www.reddit.c … e_conveyor_belt/ Chill, Food, Funny, Home Videos, Japan, Live Action, Restaurants, Videos Oddly satisfying if you have the time for it.
20090306 004741 Z TNG episode 15 - "That Jean-Luc Picard" … &feature=related www.reddit.c … uc_picard_video/ Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Star Trek, TV, Videos Bwah ha ha!
20090305 211245 Z CNBC Gives Financial Advice www.thedaily … financial-advice … rt_Destroys_CNBC Funny, Live Action, News, Sad, TV, Videos Sweet Jon Stewart gold: Ripping into CNBC's financial advice.
20090302 014405 Z Everything's amazing, nobody's happy … =haxa_popt00us13 … Nobody_s_Happy_5 Funny, Live Action, TECH, TV, Videos Funny guy. It's a twist on ye olde "Why when I was young...".
20090227 195931 Z Don't Judge Too Quickly... We Won't. www.metacafe … quickly_we_wont/ … ickly_We_Won_t_2 Ad, Crude, Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Videos 5 funny commercials by Ameriquest.
20090224 160356 Z Fishmen … ch?v=3tTHn2tHhcI Robb Funny, Live Action, Music, Quirky, Science Fiction, Videos "It's beginning to look a lot like Fishmen ..."
20090127 185711 Z Fox News Fear Imbalance www.thedaily … s-fear-imbalance www.reddit.c … _administration/ Funny, Jon Stewart, News, Sad, TV, Videos Laughing and crying again. Oh the poor viewers of Fox News. It's as if they've put themselves in a box where all they can hear are the inanities of the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter.
20090126 184801 Z Kiss Mr. Spock! (Kirk/Spock) … ch?v=ln1G8u5RdzY Julia Funny, Live Action, Saucy, Star Trek, TV, Videos Scenes from Classic Star Trek spliced and edited in such a way as that it makes it look like Kirk is romantically chasing Spock. To the tune from the Disney movie, Little Mermaid. Well done!
20090108 160103 Z Hi Kick … ch?v=3lZjLCZ4xFk Roger Chill, Cool, Cute, Funny, Live Action, MARTIAL, Standup Fighting, Taekwondo, TV, Videos I'm guessing this related to High Kick! [W], the South Korean situational comedy show. You can't go wrong with punishment and girls in school uniforms. Spankalicious!
20081017 165302 Z Obama, McCain share laughs at dinner www.swamppol … laughs_at_d.html Julia Funny, Live Action, News, Politics, USA, Videos It has been a hard fought Presidential campaign and it was really refreshing to see Obama, McCain, and Clinton at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, an annual charity fund raiser for Catholic Charities. A good number of genuinely funny jokes by both Obama and McCain last night. By coincidence, I'll be dining with friends tonight and most of them lean much more on to the right than I do.
20081002 023407 Z New York International Children's Film Festival 2008 Connie Animation, Cool, Funny, Kids, Live Action, Movies, Videos Not just for kid! Some really cool movies and videos online and in theaters.
20080926 151200 Z More on John McCain … php/965757.phtml Celebrity, Funny, Live Action, News, Politics, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos Dave Letterman does more on John McCain after he canceled. Archiving it here for future laughs.
20080817 133054 Z Death Star over San Francisco … er_san_francisco … ancisco_2?OTC-ig Chill, Cool, Funny, Live Action, Movies, Star Wars, Videos Well done! I'll show it to my kids when they wake up. I'll assume that I won't have to tell them that it was video-chopped.
20080812 161649 Z The Seemingly Impossible Is Possible www.gapminde … is-possible.html Beauty, Cool, Culture, Economy, Funny, Inspiring, Live Action, Performance, Politics, TECH, Videos, World There's so much good stuff from the TED conferences (Technology Entertainment Design) [], that I have a hard time posting any of it. "The Seemingly Impossible Is Possible" by Hans Rosling (a Swedish professor in International Public Health). An incredible presentation. Very hopeful, informative, beautiful, and funny. It has a surprise ending too. It shows hope for progress in the Third World. Combined with the progress in artificial photosynthesis, the outlook for the future is quite bright!
20080806 130655 Z Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling … ch?v=akjXqfvLu28 … _ignorant?OTC-ig Funny, Live Action, News, Obama, Politics, Sustainability, Videos Hahaha! So natural, so true, so funny, so hard hitting.
20080722 201616 Z Font Conference www.collegeh … om/video:1823766 www.metafilt … onts-Personified Design, Fonts, Funny, Live Action, Text, Videos A live action conference with the fonts. The Metafilter thread includes a link to the wonderful thread on Comic Sans [].
20080722 140353 Z Not Giving a Fuck! … S5xOZ7Rq8&fmt=18 Crude, Funny, Language, Live Action, NSFW, Saucy, Videos Funny, profane stuff by jonlajoie. Leads to other goodies like Everyday Normal Guy []. Of course it's possible to "not give a fuck" (non-fixation) without fucking up.
20080716 015502 Z Harry Enfield - Women Keep Your Virtue … ch?v=JZ0jRuASVEQ Funny, TV, Videos Funny stuff. Leads to other goodies like Women: Know Your Limits! Public Announcement: Harry Enfield [].
20080703 231010 Z Lego Darth Vader Canteen Incident … ch?v=muaAZE0M3LU Oscar Animation, Chill, Cool, Cute, Funny, Kids, Live Action, Star Wars, Videos There are a number of Eddie Izzard skits re-enacted with legos, but I think this was the best of the bunch since my son plays so much of the Lego Star Wars computer game. The F-word but my kids loved it!
19691231 170000 Z Female Armor Sucks www.collegeh … male-armor-sucks David Armor, Crude, Funny, Live Action, MARTIAL, Saucy, Videos Go for the shiny parts!
2009-07-26t23:40:59 Z | TAGS: Chill, Cool, Funny, Live Action, Music, Psychology, Videos
Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party
Sasquatch music festival 2009 - Guy starts dance party [] [VIA:]

Way to go dude! The revolution has begun! I liked these two comments in the Reddit thread:

Stage 1 - "Haha, look at that guy over there, he looks like a fool"
Stage 2 - "Look, that other guy is making fun of him, let's all point and laugh"
Stage 3 - "Hey, another has joined in making fun of the dancing dude, boy he must be embarrassed, what a tard!"
Stage 4 - "Hmm, there's more people dancing now, what a bunch of followers"
Stage 5 - "Wow, everybody is running over there to dance! I now stand out because I'm NOT dancing"
Stage 6 - "Wait for me! I want to dance too!"
I've done quite a bit of sociological research on the psychology of crowds. What you see in the video is actually a good example of the kind of population distribution needed to, say, start a revolution. The populace can be so incredibly anxious to join in (in a revolution, they'd be pissed and angry, here, they want to dance and have fun), but you still need the first person, or the first few couple people, to actively participate without the safety net provided by numbers. (In revolutions, these guys are either the traitors or patriots, depending on the outcome, and their existence can be caused by any number of factors, from economic status to religion to traditional beliefs to, well, anything that could get them to stand up against authority.) This is typically the stage where large movements either stall out or start to actually have an effect. This was just dancing, but it's a microcosm for how a lot of societal changes in general actually work.
Stage 7 - "I always thought dancing dude was cool! I was going to join him earlier, but you guys beat me to it."
2009-06-04t00:16:49 Z | TAGS: Funny, Legal, Live Action, MARTIAL, Quirky, Self Defense, Videos, Violence
Man Gets Tazed, Mocks Cops, and Gets Away
Man Gets Tazed, Mocks Cops, and Gets Away []

This comment from the digg thread sums it up:

Wow. Call the guy crazy all you want, but listen carefully to him and you realize not only does he make a valid legal point, he's non-violent, he composes an improvised song while being pinned down by two cops and then *runs away* while being **tazed** and actually takes the time to tell them he considers it self-defense. Dude seemed pretty with it to me. What I want to know is why he was being pinned to the ground by two cops in the first place. And did he get caught?

I want to know how the cops were not able to cuff him? Too much pressure from knowing they were being video taped?

2009-05-20t17:55:52 Z | TAGS: Cool, Funny, Journalism, Live Action, Politics, TV, USA, Videos, World, Wrestling
Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009
Jesse Ventura Interview With Hannity On FOX May.18, 2009 [] [VIA:]

I've never really followed Jesse Ventura but this is good stuff!

I also liked this presentation by a user at the digg thread. Bonus points for the WarCraft connection.

Prepare to fight

First Blood


Triple Kill


2009-04-21t16:01:11 Z | TAGS: Chill, Cool, Crude, Food, Funny, Gadget, Pyro, TECH, Videos
BB Video: The Flaming Bacon Lance of Death, from Theo Gray's book "Mad Science"
BB Video: The Flaming Bacon Lance of Death, from Theo Gray's book "Mad Science" [] [VIA: Oscar]

They have discovered but one portion of my fire-breathing technique! Yes: I consume the bacon/prosciutto and store it about my waist. (Krispy Kreme will do as well)

However they missed two key parts: I have learned special breathing techniques that allow me to expel pure oxygen, and I am also able to generate a spark in my mouth by using strawberry flavored Pop Rocks. Thus I can, upon command, combine the bacon with the pure oxygen in my sinuses, then I light it with the Pop Rocks spark as I rapidly expel it.

The effect is almost as good as laughing while chocolate milk is coming out of my nose.

2008-12-30t16:44:42 Z | TAGS: Chicago, Chill, Cool, Funny, TV, Videos
Who says TV anchors have no moves?
Who says TV anchors have no moves? []

Whoo! This is awesome! Amazing what you can do from a chair.

WGN-TV weekend anchors Bob Jordan and Jackie Bange do a little dance number each Saturday and Sunday night during their telecast's first commercial break. Word is that it started out as a short 10-second dance, but now they have choreographed it into the full 2:40 of the break.
2008-11-22t16:45:27 Z | TAGS: Animation, Funny, Videos
How is babby formed?
How is babby formed? []
Acck! So friggin funny because it's done so straight.
2008-09-28t15:46:14 Z | TAGS: Funny, Journalism, Live Action, News, Performance, Politics, Sad, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos
SNL on 1st debate and Palin interview

The debate skit is funny but the Palin skit is funny and painful because they used words actually spoken by Palin. There are so many articles out there wincing about the Palin and Couric interview. Couric was being nice, Couric was giving Palin opportunities to shine, but all Palin could do was stumble on talking points. If I were prone to believing in conspiracies, then I would propose that this is all a ruse by Palin in order to make the Democrats let their guard down. If not, then it is frightening to think that the GOP machine has such power that it can dupe half the country into wanting Palin to become one 72 year old's heartbeat away from becoming President. There are college kids who know more about the issues than Palin. For the security of America and the world, I sure hope that it is all a ruse.

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