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20140812 145734 Z RIP Robin Williams Celebrity, News, Obituaries, Psychology, Show Biz RIP Robin Williams (Chicago 1951-07-21/2014-08-11). For your wonderful work --making us laugh and cry-- I thank you. For your advocacy for those with depression, nihilism, or pain --even with your death-- I thank you.
20140627 163000 Z Revision Control georgehernan … isionControl.asp My Stuff, Programming, TECH I redid my page on Revision Control []. It was originally mostly about Mercurial, but is now about both Git and Mercurial.
20140528 220338 Z A First Drive Chill, Cool, Gadget, Google, TECH I would settle for cruise control and automatic lane alignment, but it seems like Google self-driving car is pretty decent.
20140522 211600 Z gMath Help mathtechtips … /gmath-help.html Cool, Google, Math, TECH, Writing I just noticed this awesome Add-on for Google Drive Documents, called g(Math). It allows you to add equations and graphs with LaTeX syntax!
20140404 145602 Z Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials www.scienced … 140403132353.htm Cool, Engineering, Solar, Sustainability, TECH Solar tech to make materials instead of energy!
20140330 160738 Z Light Speed: From Minecraft to Reality / … ch?v=SLffdgotHEA www.reddit.c … _with_minecraft/ Chill, Cool, Funny, Inspiring, Physics, Play, Science, Space, TECH, Video Games A Minecraft world is 60 Mm across, the Earth's circumference is 40 Mm, the speed of light/gravity/etc is 300 Mm/s.
20140317 202828 Z Big Bang's "Smoking Gun" Confirms Early Universe's Exponential Growth news.nationa … n-science-space/ Cool, Inspiring, Space, TECH Gravitational waves have been discovered! They spent 3 years checking the results before announcing it today. I'm sure Neil deGrasse Tyson knew before today especially since Harvard was involved. Go Cosmos!
20140317 195957 Z Jimmy John's is awesome! Cool, Food, My Stuff, Restaurants I'm a regular at Jimmy John's. Today I forgot my wallet and the dude said we gotcha. Sweet! Now I'm not just a regular, but a loyal regular. Made my day!
20140306 173516 Z The truth about idling a vehicle /www.upworth … it-aint-2?c=ufb2 Sustainability If you need to idle for more than 10 s, then it is more fuel efficient to turn the car off, then on again.
20140221 151653 Z Space Elevators Are 'Possible' Says New Study www.huffingt … e_n_4821785.html Nanotechnology, Solar, Space, Space Elevator, TECH A rare mention of space elevators in main stream media. The necessary tech (esp CNT & solar) is developing nicely so space elevators are likely to become a reality. FYI:, has a bit more meat but it's not as mainstream.
20140213 152655 Z Mathematics: Why the brain sees maths as beauty … ronment-26151062 Art, Beauty, Cool, Math, Mind, TECH Apparently math/abstract beauty excites the same parts of the brain as sensory beauty.
20140210 184838 Z Why we should give free money to everyone /decorrespon … 0798745-cb9fbb39 Economy, Inspiring, Money, World The concept (and experimental results) of "Basic income" [W] is mind blowing.
20140210 160545 Z Perils of Lady Gaming observationd … 365/@laurendavis Comics, Funny, Images, Inspiring, Play, Relations, Sad, Sex Glorious and sad. The freedom to play. A good part of appreciating where we are and where we can go, depends on knowing where we've been.
20140207 151526 Z Catching a lift to space asia.nikkei. … -a-lift-to-space Engineering, Hardware, Nanotechnology, Space, TECH This time around they reached 1.2 Km. Next year's goal: 2 Km. Goal for 2020: 15 Km. 50-100 Km is "space". We need more nanotube work!
20140205 015353 Z The end of the tank? The Army says it doesn’t need it, but industry wants to keep building it. www.washingt … 61ee6_story.html www.reddit.c … _tanks_congress/ MARTIAL, Military, News, Play, USA Farewell tanks! In a toy soldier set, you and the bazooka guy were my favorites.
20140205 013637 Z Quiet www.happyjar … com/comic/quiet/ Chill, Comics, Images, Introversion Yes, introverts like quiet. I often find my own company too noisy.
20140131 153610 Z Apple patents solar-powered MacBook … _powered_MacBook Apple, Computers, Cool, Gadget, Hardware, Solar, TECH Once someone makes a solar laptop, then everyone will! Yay!
20140125 225323 Z Susan Cain: The power of introverts … _introverts.html Inspiring, Introversion, Live Action, Relations, Videos Susan Cain took 7 years to write "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking"(2012). In this video she talks for 19 minutes about introversion. From personal to real world examples. From the constant group work pressure, to encouraging us to go out into the wilderness, to being ourselves and sharing.
20140122 205627 Z Power Electronics Smooth Solar Transition www.technolo … olar-transition/ Hardware, Solar Remember that nice problem that Hawaii has with their distributed solar panels feeding too much juice back to the grid? Smart inverters to the rescue! (Could have saved Germany some money!)
20140122 151339 Z Gorgeous comic about depression Animation, Comics, Images, Introversion, Relations Some people blur the line between introversion and depression.

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