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20120321 164427 Z Space Elevator, Going Up news.discove … ator-120225.html Cool, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Space, TECH Whoot! It may be possible to have a space LIFT within my lifetime! 2050 isn't so far away.
20120316 172100 Z Britannica Goes All-Out Digital www.britanni … al-encyclopedia/ Cyber Life, Funny, Sad, TECH Sad: Encyclopædia Britannica stops printing after 244 years. Funny: I found out through Wikipedia.
20120301 155806 Z Introducing "enclothed cognition" - how what we wear affects how we think bps-research … gnition-how.html Chill, Funny, Psychology, Science, TECH Aha! Yet another excuse to work while wearing a white lab coat!

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