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  1. Time's running out! TAGS: My Stuff. Ramblings. Text. Writing.
  2. Army Drops Bayonets in Training Revamp TAGS: Fighting. Gear. Knives. MARTIAL. Military. Pole Arms.
  3. The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash TAGS: Apple. Audio. Cyber Life. Cyber Tech. Gadget. Hardware. Images. Operating System. Software. TECH. Videos.
20100527 161401 Z The Fall of Rome -- W H Auden wonderingmin … e-w-h-auden.html www.crossfit … ive2/005447.html Language, Literature, Quotations, Text Three words of the day: somatotonia, viscerotonia, and cerebrotonia.
20100525 000120 Z The latest version of the LittleDog Robot … ch?v=nUQsRPJ1dYw www.reddit.c … c7e34/holy_crap/ Live Action, Robots, TECH, Videos I've been witnessing the development of these robotic dogs over the years. I'm surprised at the emotional pride I feel. Seeing the robots struggle and improve is very much like watching a child struggle and improve. Great job roboticists! Great job.
20100517 145304 Z After the Times www.joindias … r-the-times.html Cyber Life, Open Source, Relations That was fast. It looks like Diaspora is now fully funded and is going ahead. FYI: Diaspora is an upcoming alternative to Facebook: "the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network".
20100510 201333 Z QUT physicist corrects Oxford English Dictionary (w/ Video) www.physorg. … ws192688538.html Books, Language, Physics, Science, TECH, Videos Yes, a siphon works by means of gravity and where the "column of water acts like a chain with the water molecules pulling on each other via hydrogen bonds". Wiggling the tube in the fish tank can start a siphon because of the initial surge of momentum. No need to suck on the lower end and get fish water in your mouth! A similar phenomena occurs when "sticking" with someone as you "wave" them into a throw and use gravity.
20100507 145005 Z I WILL NOT DIE TODAY Family, Inspiring, Quirky, Ramblings I WILL NOT DIE TODAY. My kids give great hugs, but today my youngest was feeling particularly huggy. As we were doing our third good bye hug she said "I'm not ready to let you go". I don't know why but that hit me fiercely. It's as if she said it while one of us was about to die. So while I'm ready to fight and die most days, today I'm not. Today I will not die.
20100505 162026 Z RGraph: HTML5 canvas graph library based on the HTML5 canvas tag … graphing-library Cyber Tech, JavaScript, Math, Programming, TECH I saw RGraph since at least August of last year. I think HTML5 is coming around: Movement toward less Flash, more HTML5, and browsers becoming more HTML5 compliant. Of course Ext JS and the other frameworks will probably be boosting their charts too.
20100505 022026 Z Google acquires BumpTop: Will Android get a 3D facelift? deals.ventur … bumptop-android/ Cyber Life, Google, Operating System, TECH I had read that Google acquired BumpTop earlier, but this article has the TED Talk video where BumpTop CEO Anand Agarawala demos it. I'm itching for that Google tablet!
20100505 021054 Z You Can't Derive Ought from Is blogs.discov … nt=Google+Reader Atheism, Ethics, Faith, Mind, Philosophy I'm obliged to post yet another follow up to Sam Harris' TED talk related to David Hume's Is-ought problem [W].
20100505 020305 Z StarCraft(R) II: Wings of Liberty(TM) in Stores Starting July 27, 2010 www.marketwa … -2010-2010-05-03 games.slashd … nt=Google+Reader Activity, Video Games Uh-oh. Do I have the iron will to resist?
20100505 015502 Z Color Survey Results … -survey-results/ Color, Cool, Images xkcd did a survey on color and produced some interesting results.
20100503 030407 Z Fox News Calls Mr. Rogers An Evil Man www.prosebef … -mr-rogers-evil/ … An_Evil_Evil_Man Inspiring, Journalism, Live Action, News, Politics, TV, USA Sorry Fox News, but Mr. Rogers is AWESOME! Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate. 15 reasons Mr. Rogers was best neighbor ever.
20100502 213402 Z Imagine if the Tea Party Were Black www.jackandj … nt=Google+Reader Barack Obama, Politics, USA An article like this can irk people but it certainly is interesting.
20100502 210943 Z "Checking on Cynthia" by Sextus Propertius (poetry reading) … ch?v=0_t-BVOQRuE Beauty, Language, Literature, Reading, Relations, Saucy, Videos Delightful. I had not thought about finding poetry readings on YouTube.
20100502 203453 Z Torus www.benjoffe … ode/games/torus/ Activity, Cyber Life, Video Games Like tetris on a cylinder. Probably lots of HTML5 awesomeness will start popping up all over.
20100502 154425 Z Blogging, Cyber Life In case you haven't noticed, but lately I'm not posting most goodies that I find via Google Reader, Digg, Reddit, and so on. I'm upvoting and such elsewhere, and I'm only posting some of them here.
20100502 153258 Z Top 10 Things You Didn't Know Google Maps Could Do lifehacker.c … nt=Google+Reader Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Geography, Google Making an convenient tool even more so.
2010-05-27t15:41:38 Z | TAGS: My Stuff, Ramblings, Text, Writing
Time's running out!

I made this just now:

Time's running out!
What to do? What to do!
My spine crackles and slants.
What have I done? What should I have done? What
Time runs out.
2010-05-09t15:37:58 Z | TAGS: Fighting, Gear, Knives, MARTIAL, Military, Pole Arms
Army Drops Bayonets in Training Revamp
Army Drops Bayonets in Training Revamp [] [VIA: Gus]

It's nice how the military keeps on the cutting edge of military, martial, and physical conditioning matters.

However dropping bayonet training is a mistake. The bayonet is the direct descendant of the spear, not the sword. I train and fight with the sword and spear (as well as other things). The bayonet is a short spear: The training manuals from medieval times to the present show this pretty clearly. The spear was the predominant military weapon before firearms. If you are hunting, you would probably pick a spear over a sword or knife. A bayonet knife is much lighter than a sword and you could use it as a knife for many thing besides just as a bayonet.

One of the only good reasons for dropping bayonet training is that the standard issue rifle has become a carbine, i.e. shorter, and therefore less like a spear. In which case then the range is similar to just using a knife, however you wouldn't have the advantages of the spear such as using the haft for defense, leverage, and so on. Also if you're gun back up is a knife, then why not have that knife be bayonet capable?

I like this comment from the thread: "Funny thing I learned in Iraq 6 years ago; If you point a loaded M16 at guy he will just look at you, but if you put a bayonet on the end of that M16 and point it at him he will do whatever you tell him to do."

2010-05-04t15:49:37 Z | TAGS: Apple, Audio, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, Hardware, Images, Operating System, Software, TECH, Videos
The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash
The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash []

Well yes. The article states some stuff that's obvious to some of us, but I support erring on the side of stating the obvious. There are many times where I assumed certain things were obvious and then later I end up wishing that I had said something sooner.

Obvious #1. Yes Mac has always been about a captive audience. They have always wanted to control the hardware, the operating system, the apps, the design, the look-and-feel. Apple equals proprietary. I personally prefer open.

Obvious #2. Hardware, software, and Internet connectivity is getting cheaper, faster, and cooler. Monetizing and staying on the curve is business. Ubiquitous HW with 4G+ and cloud storage and apps is the way to go. Beautiful, powerful, intuitive interfacing is the way to go. Ubiquitous media capture (txt, pic, aud, vid) and geolocation is the way to go.

Obvious #3. For most users the following apps will suffice on an iPad: Media Players (pics, audio, video, books), Browser, Office-like suite. There will of course be hundreds of apps that users want, but the emphasis should be on what users need. What should come soon: Skype/phone-like communications, FTP. Specialized tools that may never come but should: Power editors (text, pics, video, etc.), Remote Desktop access, Development IDEs, Database and Sys Admin tools.

Personally I'm itching to buy a tablet but the iPad is too weak to replace a smart phone and my laptop.

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