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  1. Apple iPad TAGS: Apple. Audio. Books. Cyber Life. Gadget. Hardware. Software. TECH. Videos.
  2. Three Key Factors to Help Children Avoid Social Rejection Identified TAGS: Introversion. Mind. My Stuff. Psychology. Relations. Self Improvement.
  3. Old News: Limbaugh and Robertson are Dicks TAGS: Faith. News. Sad. Text. USA. Videos. World.
  4. iPods and Knives TAGS: Chicago. Fighting. News. Security. Self Defense. Violence.
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20100130 043515 Z Richard Dawkins interviews creationist Wendy Wright (Part 1/7) … ch?v=US8f1w1cYvs Julia Atheism, Evolution, Live Action, Politics, Science, USA, Videos I watched all 7 painful videos. It seems that they agree on the virtue of examination of evidence. They also seem to agree on the humane treatment of people. The difference seems to be that Wright thinks a person's religious belief must influence the certainty of the theory, while Dawkins does not. Knowledge of chemistry, physics, evolution, etc. is objective, testable, open, and separate from ones religious, political, subjective, or ethical point of view. Such objective knowledge can, of course, be used for good or evil, i.e. subjectively applied and interpreted, but that does not change the knowledge itself. Even so, the emotional and spiritual feelings that people have must be dealt with. The woman is clearly pained.
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20100127 020545 Z Geek behaviors present during conversations www.stanford … ek-behaviors.htm www.reddit.c … riends_at_least/ Psychology, Relations, TECH Largely true. I liked "Focusing on the how rather than the what or the why". There's that thing about non-verbal and social cues again.
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20100125 203119 Z How to use CSS @font-face nicewebtype. … e-css-font-face/ CSS, Programming, Standards, TECH So near --and yet so far. Firefox 3.6 supports Web Open Font Format (WOFF), but we still have to wade through OpenType Font (OTF), TrueType Font (TTF), Embedded OpenType (EOT), and SVG fonts.
20100125 200202 Z Endangered Species: Humans Might Have Faced Extinction 1 Million Years Ago www.scientif … enetic-diversity science.slas … rs-Ago?art_pos=9 Anthropology, Evolution, Fauna, Nature It's fascinates to think that we were once an endangered species of 18,500 individuals -- fewer then the number of gorillas and chimpanzees today.
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20100120 174128 Z OK Go - This Too Shall Pass … ch?v=UJKythlXAIY Julia Chill, Cool, Live Action, Music, Videos All in one take!
20100120 160142 Z Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat … ch?v=c4aQCiRjvZY Gus Funny, Politics, Sad, USA, Videos Republicans and Democrats alike will like this video. Kennedy's seat barely got cold and it went to a Republican?!?! OMFG! This had better wake up some folks. Boring old Croakley sat on her ass and took Kennedy's seat for granted. Pretty boy Brown kept smiling, fought hard and won. Congratulations Mr. Brown.
20100119 193338 Z Spectra: The Orignal Laser Superhero www.physicsc … load/spectra.pdf Dave Comics, Images, Science, TECH An educational comicbook about lasers by the American Physical Society.
20100119 190644 Z Self-Control, and Lack of Self-Control, Is Contagious www.scienced … 100113172359.htm Julia Mind, Psychology, Relations, Self Improvement Title says it all. We need to put up pictures of our heroes.
20100118 213645 Z Programming with proportional fonts is great m-mz.postero … ith-proportional developers.s … Fonts?art_pos=26 Programming, TECH Proportional may read 14% faster, but as one comment mentioned, code needs to emphasize punctuation more than regular reading. The only way for a user to know is try it out. My current fixed width font is Consolas.
20100118 201404 Z Jules Verne Was (Almost) Right … was-almost-right science.slas … -Work?art_pos=51 Space, TECH A space cannon is an interesting lower tech variation on the space elevator.
20100117 174021 Z Atheist quotes www.reddit.c … i_found_on_b_of/ Atheism, Images, Philosophy Of the quotes I probably like the one by Epicurus the best: "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"
20100117 171134 Z Bonobo chimp plays Pac-Man … ch?v=sLLFSUaQsp4 www.reddit.c … vel_2_on_pacman/ Chill, Cool, Fauna, Play, Videos I love the chemistry between the bonobo and the human.
20100116 164022 Z News, TV I don't even watch late night TV, but even I know that Jay done Conan wrong.
20100114 195205 Z Caveman Science Fiction dresdencodak … science-fiction/ Oscar Chill, Comics, Funny, Images, Science Fiction, TECH "ME AM PLAY GODS!"
20100107 193703 Z My Stuff, Ramblings If the intense and concentrated workouts I do are exhilarating and beneficial, then so should intense and concentrated bouts of being, doing, feeling, thinking, expressing. (Reading, hearing, watching, and playing aren't the same.) Sadly my days consist mostly of working, family life, and sleeping. Where's the edge? I need to find or make the edge.
20100107 160111 Z The Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds … ch?v=YXSEyttblMI Beauty, Cool, Evolution, Geology, Paleontology, Videos 4.6 billion years in 1 minute.
20100104 192618 Z Apple, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Google, Hardware, Reading, Software, TECH We need more tablets! Apple, Google, Freescale, etc. Not just eBook readers, but cheap expandable touchable Internet tablets.
20100104 180212 Z 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World. www.neatoram … es-in-the-world/ … the_World_PICS_2 Beauty, Cool, Flora, Nature Let's not forget the giving tree or any particular tree that you have a personal relationship with.
20100104 170007 Z Twitter's List Of 370 Banned Passwords … urce=twitterfeed … Banned_Passwords Cyber Life, Security, TECH I'm sure I've seen lists like this over the years.
2010-01-27t20:38:38 Z | TAGS: Apple, Audio, Books, Cyber Life, Gadget, Hardware, Software, TECH, Videos
Apple iPad
Apple iPad []
Beautiful, powerful, and well priced. I noticed was that its browser had problems with Flash but they're probably working that out. There's no camera or video camera, but that's minor to my concerns about multitasking and openness. Minimal ports as expected but no USB? I may wait for USB 3. I haven't seen how it works as a plain old computer, as in say directory management. With a $499-$829 price and a 10 hour battery life (with 1 month standby), this should beat most of the eBook readers. While eInk is good for hi-light situations, I find that I often read in lo-light situations. I assume that Amazon and the other eBook sellers will compete with the new iBook Store, and probably make apps for reading their eBooks on the iPhone --one eBook reader to read all the eBook formats. A data plan at $15-$30 per month is reasonable. Now I just want to be able to use it as a phone too so I can ditch my phone (maybe use a Bluetooth wireless headset). It's 9.56" x 7.47" x 0.5", with a 9.7" screen of 1024 x 768 @ 132 ppi, and 1.5#; i.e. it's 242.8 mm x 189.7 mm x 13.4 mm, with a 246 mm screen and 0.68 Kg. I don't think people appreciate intuitive multi-touch enough. No comment on iWorks, other than I don't want another file format. Available in 60-90 days. I assume that they chose to have "Star Trek" as a sample video on purpose.
iPad with Star Trek on
2010-01-26t14:53:52 Z | TAGS: Introversion, Mind, My Stuff, Psychology, Relations, Self Improvement
Three Key Factors to Help Children Avoid Social Rejection Identified
Three Key Factors to Help Children Avoid Social Rejection Identified [] [VIA: Julia]
The studies indicate that some children have difficulty picking up on non-verbal or social cues. ... A second major factor is that some children may pick up on non-verbal or social cues, but lack the ability to attach meaning to them. The third factor is the ability to reason about social problems.

Fascinating. I probably manifest all 3 problems to some degree:

  1. I sometimes don't pick up on non-verbal or social cues.
  2. If I pick up a potential cue, I have a large margin for epistemological doubt, as in "I can't know for sure".
  3. As far as reasoning about social problems, many times the response is "leave them be because they're figuring it out".

It's not that those of us with social problems and introversion are anti-social, but socially handicapped. It's like being stuck in a wheelchair while other people are running around. Exploring this topic should be a high priority for me.

2010-01-16t16:36:56 Z | TAGS: Faith, News, Sad, Text, USA, Videos, World
Old News: Limbaugh and Robertson are Dicks
In a time of great human suffering in Haiti, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson continue to show us what dicks they are.
2010-01-11t18:49:02 Z | TAGS: Chicago, Fighting, News, Security, Self Defense, Violence
iPods and Knives

I caught this in this morning's edition of the Chicago Red Eye paper:

Theft victim stabs robbers on Green Line; 5 charged

Five people face charges related to an attack and robbery of a Forest Park man early Saturday that started as he watched a movie on his IPod while riding on a CTA Green Line train on the West Side, authorities said.

The 26-year-old Forest Park man was robbed 12:55 a.m. Saturday, Police said.

Charged with robbery in the incident were Tommie Bates, Robert Moore, Jaylin Tiggs and Kendalll A. Harris; charged with misdemeanor obstruction of a police officer was Tyeisha Underwood, of the 4400 block of West Congress Parkway, police said.

Bates, of the 5900 block of West Iowa Street, and Moore, of the 5100 block of West Iowa Street, both were hospitalized at West Suburban Medical Center with stab wounds suffered in the attack.

One of the four punched the victim in the face after he was robbed, according to Assistant State's Attorney Angel Essig. The victim then pulled a knife and stabbed at least two of the alleged would-be robbers, she said.

Given that there have been a number of iPod snatchings lately:

Expensive, hip, and small devices that take the victim's attention are perfect for thieves. Please be aware of your surroundings before you get involved in anything that takes your attention. Limit your activity to things that take less of your attention, e.g. a quick text is safer than a gripping story or a long text. Something that involve your eyes (e.g. texting, video, reading) is more dangerous than things that involve your ears (e.g. listening to music). Some folks go so far as to enclose their iPods in the shell of a bulky old walkman.

The victim in this case had a knife, but I think he successfully pulled it off legally because he used it AFTER he was robbed and punched. If he had used his knife before or during the robbery, then the robbers would have had a better chance of legally playing the "victim".

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