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  1. Save the World TAGS: Art. Beauty. Books. Chemistry. History. Legal. Money. My Stuff. Philosophy. Ramblings. Reading. Science. Sustainability. War. World.
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2009-12-09t19:14:20 Z | TAGS: Art, Beauty, Books, Chemistry, History, Legal, Money, My Stuff, Philosophy, Ramblings, Reading, Science, Sustainability, War, World
Save the World

I am often embarrassed to write. The concept of wabi sabi (imperfect, impermanent, incomplete) helps, but feeling or knowing that I could write/think/process better tends to make me not write at all. I have to constantly remind myself that it's better to try and fail, than to never try at all. There are thoughts buzzing around in my head connecting science and morality and global/personal actions, but these thoughts haven't gelled together and they may never gel --especially if I don't write about it. So here goes another one of my free association scribbling sessions.

I'll start with throwing in some of the parts:

Acck! Too many lists! I have problems with too many lists, too many quotes, too many qualifications, etc. There are times when I need to just jump to the meat.

One of the things is that while things like morality and sympathy seem warm (as opposed to cold), spiritual (instead of material), etc., such things are actually both. I have always maintained that it is statistically advantageous to be "good" instead of "evil". If you are good, then the society supports you, but if you are bad, then society is against you. Clearly you can do more as an agent of good. The scientists and economists have been working on all sorts of studies and models and tests that seem to support this. This story Social Scientists Build Case for 'Survival of the Kindest' is a recent one that supports that idea too.

There are various related ideas swirling around here:

In Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond showed that luck (the right mix of geography and local species) allowed some societies to grow in numbers and have variety and laws and technology and art, which translated into powerful civilizations. Volume of numbers is powerful, but so is the genius and uniqueness that can be found at the tail ends of the bell curve. When there is a crisis or a catastrophe, a majority of the populations suffers and sometimes the only salvation is found in the minority, the oddballs, the mutations.

Right now fossil fuels are the cheapest and most accessible source of power. That is an economic fact that is not in doubt. In contrast, what some folks (like Republicans) seem to disagree upon is the degree of danger presented by a fossil fuels. In any case, whether or not you believe that fossil fuels are poisonous and existence-threatening in nature, the fact is that fossil fuels will remain in wide use until something cheaper and more accessible comes along. Given the near-sightedness of people, the issue is one of presentation, non-free market economics and politics. It would be much simpler if it were simply a matter of science, technology, logistics, and free market economics.

In one sense the environmental problem is similar to the Cold War: There is the threat of genocide, but the problem is more political than technological. The difference is that masses believed in the extreme danger of nuclear weapons, but the masses do not believe in the extreme danger of human induced climatic change. Human technological cleverness unlocked the utility found in both nuclear and fossil fuels, but in order to survive the dangers found from both, it's not a matter of human technological cleverness, but a matter of consciousness raising. Saving the planet is not up to scientists and engineers, but up to those who can influence the people: parents, teachers, politicians, artists, and so on.

In case there was any doubt, I want to explicitly state that I do believe that we are indeed in great danger in fossil fuels. Why? Well, although I am a programmer now, my college degree was in Chemical Engineering. We studied chemical reactions yes, but the real thing we studied is simply the bathtub model: Stuff goes in, stuff goes out. Simply put:

  • We're putting more carbon dioxide in, than is taken out: The level in the bathtub is rising!
  • We're putting catalysts in the system: Catalysts tend to stay and their effect is magnified!

As far as the accuracy and details of the models, the degree of danger, the time frame of the danger, the possible actions, and so on, that's what these scientists who are studying the issue in an open, peer-reviewed manner are doing.

I believe in the fossil fuel danger, but it's not as terrible as nuclear annihilation. We can lose coastlines and ecosystems will change, we can lose species, artifacts, and human lives, but it won't be nuclear winter. Fossil fuels took millions of years to make and accumulate. We've only really started using it for around 150 years and yet we're nearly running out. But we'll adapt to life without natural fossil fuels. The issue is mitigating this stuff, as in coming down soft instead of hard. If I want to "save the world", I'll need to think some more.

Now and then I fall into this laissez-faire attitude. Just let it be; It'll be fine. The numbers will work things out. Morality will be encoded in laws. The concept of tolerance for all (except for the intolerant) will become mainstream. We'll have the trial-and-error of the masses and the geniuses in the tail ends of the bell curve. It will all work itself out. Eventually our artificial intelligence will self-improve and we'll hit The Technological Singularity, so all that's left will be for us to play.

If this is the case, then why wait for the future? Make a living. Interact and care for your family, friends, and planet to whatever degree you're comfortable with. Seek the beautiful. Don't worry. Be happy. All the science, art, technology, philosophy, and so on will advance whether you do anything or not. It won't matter to the rest of us if you're powerful, popular, successful, introverted, extroverted, talented, etc.

Is this all good? Is there anything truly interesting anymore? Is it just a matter of being and then dying? I don't know. I don't care. I may just be too hungry for lunch right now. If you don't eat, then you don't live (or write).

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