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  1. Sony Takes On Kindle With Two New E-Readers TAGS: Books. Cyber Life. Cyber Tech. Hardware. Reading. Standards. TECH. Text.
20090831 181943 Z Disney $4 billion takeover of Marvel makes my Spidey sense tingle www.nydailyn … of_marvel_e.html Animation, Comics, Images, Kids, News, Show Biz Disney bought Marvel? It doesn't sound very dark, rebellious, edgy, or anti-establishment.
20090829 135810 Z The 7 Stages Of Being Fat … s-being-fat.html … ges_Of_Being_Fat Crude, Funny, Health, Images, Sad Funny, frightening, possibly offensive, but important.
20090821 152304 Z No, I'm the Batman! www.reddit.c … o_im_the_batman/ Cyber Life, Funny, Images, Show Biz, Text Brilliant! It makes you appreciate the breadth of Kermit. Based upon Kermit Bale []
20090821 151022 Z Windows 7: The OS that launches a thousand touch-screen PCs? … ouch_screen_PCs_ hardware.sla … Market?art_pos=8 Books, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, Hardware, Reading, Software, TECH Finally some real tech news. I'm past bored with all the rumors for the Apple tablet. "In the past three weeks, five leading PC makers have announced or been reported to confirm plans to release touch-screen PCs running Windows 7, which will provide built-in multitouch features, as well as enable touch applications written for it." These will be great as netbooks. If they want to be great as e-book readers, then they need long battery life, a good store, and some way to read in bright light conditions. Where are the multitouch tablets from Dell, IBM, etc.?
20090820 151119 Z Mercury found in all fish caught in U.S.-tested streams www.usatoday … sh-mercury_N.htm Nature, Politics, Sustainability, USA So it's not just recreational fish from oceans and lakes that have mercury, but from streams too. Way to go anti-environment Republicans and Conservatives.
20090819 190844 Z Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color? www.research … /color/color.HTM www.reddit.c … ists_be_worried/ Color, Images Aka why rainbow color maps suck. "Stevens found that hue was not a good dimension for encoding magnitude information. Thus, we have followed Stevens, and have used luminance-based and saturation-based colormaps for representing continuous variations in data magnitude. In the case of ratio data or interval data with a threshold, we have used colormaps which capture the transition explicitly via a perceived discontinuity." See also
20090819 190722 Z I made a flow chart, that we might better understand. jeannr.tumbl … -we-might-better www.reddit.c … _flow_chart_pic/ Chill, Funny, Music, Quirky, Videos A flowchart of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler [], which also led me to this version of the song by Hurrah Torpedo [].
20090819 183242 Z Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler … ch?v=nYlZiWK2Iy8 … _Obama_to_Hitler Health, Live Action, News, Politics, USA, Videos Barney Frank kicks ass! The man has serious patience and poise. This made it to the front page of CNN too: Barney Frank goes toe to toe at health care town hall []. I get tired of discussing things with a "dining room table" too. Someone is stoking FUD and noise. "Death panels"? Some folks make this crap up and some folks are foolish enough to spread it.
20090813 190709 Z The Book vs. The Kindle … ch?v=pzSzKAtfJNg Amazon, Books, Text There are at least 10 of these videos, each a few minutes long. Call me a bore, but they could have stated their cases in a few bullet points. They hardly deal with the counter points.
20090813 185033 Z How Different Groups Spend Their Day www.nytimes. … ics-graphic.html … _Day_Infographic Life, Psychology, Relations, TECH, Work Ooh an interactive graph/chart that can be consumed by the masses. I love it!
20090813 183933 Z (Un)wired For God Julia Atheism, Faith, Mind, News, Philosophy "Religious beliefs may not be innate". Looking into the brain, hypothesizing, and doing experiments yields stuff that is fascinating. This may sound like religion too, but science does it in a more substantiated way that is open and repeatable.
20090811 175642 Z Best Fake Punt Ever (Bills/Titans) … ch?v=P7xksmk0ghc www.reddit.c … _fake_punt_ever/ Live Action, Sports, TV, Videos Well done!
20090811 174914 Z Her: "It's nice to meet nice young Christians like yourself." Me: "I'm actually an atheist." Her: "Excuse me!" www.reddit.c … christians_like/ Atheism, Faith, Relations, Sad Christians and Jews and so on may think they've cornered the market on being prosecuted, but we atheists face all sorts of strange hateful behavior from many so called "spiritual" folks.
20090811 172143 Z Ice cream shop gets licked www.chicagot … ,0,5958297.story Chicago, Chill, Images, Politics "Scooter's Frozen Custard of Lakeview has chairs yanked by city, but there's hope for thaw". My family has been there. Who are these party poopers who would get in the way of hanging out and eating ice cream? Surely we can scoot around if a wheelchair or stroller needs to get by!
20090810 195208 Z Those Aren't Fighting Words, Dear www.nytimes. … 2&pagewanted=all www.reddit.c … sure_i_ever_did/ Beauty, Family, Literature, Reading, Relations What to do when you spouse says: “I don’t love you anymore. I’m not sure I ever did.”
20090810 194503 Z I hate my job... www.reddit.c … t/i_hate_my_job/ Crude, Funny, Jokes Good one.
20090810 150842 Z An Operating System for the Cloud www.technolo … 23140/?nlid=2255 Apple, Cyber Life, Google, Microsoft, Operating System, TECH A review of the operating system (OS), from where it's been with the mainframes and Microsoft, to where it is with Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, to where might go with Google. The review could have been more in depth but the potential of the article is nice.
20090808 144312 Z Bye bye land line Cyber Life, Family, Home, Kids, Movies, My Stuff, TECH, TV, Videos All we get on the land line is spam. We have cell phones (which gets spam too). We don't phone/fax much. There's lots of video on the Internet. We don't watch much TV. So... We're going to dump the AT&T land line, DSL (2.58 Mbps), and dish TV at $140/mo. We're going to get Comcast cable Internet (12 Mbps) at $43/mo and Netflix at $9/mo. Wife and kids approve. All is good.
20090807 202234 Z Wolfram Alpha for crossword puzzles www.wolframa … put/?i=cr_ssw_r_ Cyber Life, Language, Text Apparently you can use Wolfram Alpha to help with crossword puzzles, hangman, and the like.
20090807 173250 Z Naked homeowner in Jackson breaks burglar's jaw with baseball batNaked homeowner in Jackson breaks burglar's jaw with baseball bat … 28yearold_m.html … h_a_Baseball_Bat Fighting, MARTIAL, Self Defense, Violence The facts in the title of the story are cool, but I liked this paragraph the best: "Intending to stand guard until the man left the home or went after Maynard or his wife or children, Maynard said he was forced to act when the intruder headed into the bedroom, which opens to the living room."
20090807 171827 Z Poll: E-readers Need to Reach 'iPod Moment' to Catch On www.editoran … nt_id=1004001327 Amazon, Books, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, TECH, Text Yes, critical mass or an iPod moment will happen with e-books. Finally someone acknowledging that Sony may have a reader but needs more content.
20090807 170519 Z Waterloo Labs: FPS with Real Guns - Episode 02 waterloolabs … -episode-02.html games.slashd … l-Guns?art_pos=7 Chill, Cool, Crude, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Gadget, Hardware, Live Action, Software, TECH, Video Games, Videos Slap some accelerometers on a wall, feed it to LabVIEW, project your game onto the wall, and bam! All hits on the wall are fed into the game. Up voted for dudes in lab coats.
20090806 195008 Z Japanese addresses: No street names. Block numbers. Funny, Japan, Music, Quirky Bono wasn't referring to Japan in his song "Where the Streets Have No Name" [W], but apparently in the Japanese addressing system [W], the streets are not named but the blocks are numbered.
20090806 193606 Z 10 Clever Under-Stair Storage Space Ideas and Solutions … ideas-solutions/ Books, Home I particularly like the combination stairs and bookcases.
20090806 181400 Z E-Reader Growth Hinges on Women, $99 Price Tag, Says Forrester … orrester-320027/ Amazon, Books, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech I've been watching the e-book thing very closely and this article has a more insightful analysis of the market. I was gunning for Amazon to retain its early dominance simply because I don't mind a one-stop-shop for books, music, vidoes, etc.. I hope Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, and the like keep pushing each other for the sake of the consumer. It's a new market with lots of potential. Who will do what it takes to win our cash?
20090806 150138 Z StarCraft II Update forums.battl … 0062236&sid=3000 games.slashd … os=16&art_pos=16 Blizzard, Cyber Life, Video Games It's official: StarCraft II will not be ready for release by the end of 2009. This 2 year delay is almost unbearable (plus the lack of LAN support and the fact that they're making us buy 3 games). The delays due to upgrading smacks of more control issues. All that keeps my wallet half-open are the promises for "an epic entertainment experience" and "a real-time strategy gaming experience worthy of the series’ legacy".
20090806 122838 Z Google Chrome Theme Gallery /tools.googl … hemes/index.html Browser, Chill, Cool, Cyber Tech, Google Fun stuff. I like to apply a theme or skin now and then for a change, but I usually revert to "standard" after a while.
20090804 172501 Z EcoFont NGS Computers, TECH, Text Fonts with holes in them. Still readable, but saves on ink.
2009-08-05t15:30:46 Z | TAGS: Books, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Hardware, Reading, Standards, TECH, Text
Sony Takes On Kindle With Two New E-Readers
Sony Takes On Kindle With Two New E-Readers []

Sony is releasing two new Readers today. Their old models were the PRS-500, PRS-505, and the PRS-700. The new models are the PRS 300 ($199 "Pocket" with 5" screen) and the PRS 600 ($299 "Touch" with 5" touch screen), both can access Google Books but don't have free Internet. In contrast the Amazon Kindle 2 ($299, 6" screen) and Kindle DX ($489, 9.7" screen) have free wireless but no touch screen. Another big contrast is that the Sony will be sold just about everywhere (Target, Borders, Wal-Mart, etc.), while the Kindle will only be sold at Amazon.

The upmanship in features and price is to be expected. The "standard" price for e-books is now $9.99 at Sony, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. For me the real battle is in the books: Do they sell the ones I want at a decent price? Can they read books from different sources?

Sort of funny to see Amazon trying to grip the e-book market tightly just to have the market slip between its fingers. Sony may have a reader but their book selection is limited --readers want to buy from an Amazon or a Barnes & Noble. Why set up barriers to people buying e-books? Why make us hesitate? Sell the readers everywhere. Let the readers read just about everything. Get rid of DRM.

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