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  6. McCain can't walk and chew gum at the same time TAGS: Politics. USA.
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  8. Wall Street's ever scarier meltdown TAGS: Economy. News. USA.
  9. Fresh blood for the vampire TAGS: Politics. USA.
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20080926 151200 Z More on John McCain … php/965757.phtml Celebrity, Funny, Live Action, News, Politics, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos Dave Letterman does more on John McCain after he canceled. Archiving it here for future laughs.
20080925 225054 Z This is why McCain canceled the debates. Watch Sarah Palin on CBS tonight. Utter disaster. www.americab … led-debates.html www.reddit.c … e_debates_watch/ News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos OMFG. Even though I'm for Obama, I still feel embarrassed for Palin. We need to see her in a live and unedited format (like the debates).
20080920 033046 Z Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ad Beats Seinfeld (But Not Hodgman) … -but-not-hodgman … eld_VIDEO?OTC-ig Ad, Apple, Cool, Live Action, Microsoft, Videos Well done video ad by Microsoft. Probably the first ad by Microsoft that effectively counters the Mac versus PC ads by Apple. Macs are nice and all (I still have my old Mac Classic in the closet), but I use a PC everyday. Funny how Macs run Mac OS, PCs run Windows, and machines run Unix/Linux.
20080918 153101 Z 6 Great Martial Arts for Killing a Man With Your Bare Hands www.cracked. … -bare-hands.html … _Your_Bare_Hands Fighting, Filipino Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Live Action, MARTIAL, Military, Muay Thai, Sambo, Videos I guess they've enjoyed watching Human Weapon from the History Channel too. Kudos for a few good videos and some laughs. FYI: They show Sambo, Muay Thai, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCAP), Silat, Eskrima, and Krav Maga.
20080913 021332 Z You should never ask for help on the internet farm4.static … _o.jpg?t=1053139 … _internet?OTC-ig Chill, Crude, Cyber Life, Funny, Images, NSFW, Photos O my. Literally LOL! The dude is asking for some Photoshop help.
20080911 230318 Z Transcript: Obama Sits Down With Letterman, Discusses Pigs … -letterman-pigs/ Julia Barack Obama, Politics, Transcripts, TV, USA Nice. Sometimes what you want is to hear a person have a long, decent conversation. Obama and Clinton can do that. I haven't seem McCain or Palin do that.
20080911 162400 Z Damon Condemns Palin … ch?v=anxkrm9uEJk … ney_movie?OTC-ig Celebrity, Live Action, News, Politics, USA, Videos My views exactly. We know very little about her and yet she barely participates in the public vetting process that all other politicians submit themselves to.
20080907 132335 Z Little things that matter … that-matter.html Cyber Life, Google, TECH The problem was that an event in Google Calendar would occupy the entire horizontal space and you couldn't click on the same time slot if you wanted to add a new event. But now there will always be a few pixels of gutter space on the right that's clickable. A simple, elegant, and useful solution!
20080907 022916 Z gospodin libar … ily/5408800.html … One_COMIC?OTC-ig Beauty, Comics, Inspiring, Reading, Sad Beautiful. A sweet and sad comic in eight pages. It smacks of sincerity and I can't ask for much more.
20080906 140432 Z Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 tech.slashdo … 0256207&from=rss Browser, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Firefox, Google, TECH So they'll be incorporating some of Chrome's features like the ability to drag and drop tabs between windows. Sweet. And the JavaScript engine might even be faster than Chromes? Hooray!: The public benefits from browser wars!
20080906 134859 Z Update to Google Chrome's terms of service googleblog.b … es-terms-of.html Browser, Chrome, Cyber Tech, Google, Legal, TECH Ha ha! Like I told my Sys Admin on the day that Chrome was released: The Chrome EULA was a non-issue. They updated it to a not evil version: "11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services."
2008-09-28t16:49:23 Z | TAGS: Faith, Images, MARTIAL, Mind, News, Photos, Politics, Psychology, USA
Chill on Palin

There are tons of articles out there about the Palin debacle. EG: Mad Dog Palin and The Palin Pick -- The Devolution of McCain. The need is urgent and important. However we need to do what Obama's doing: Stay calm and play straight, but watch for the curve ball. Maintain a relaxed state of suspension, of readiness, of patience. Have faith because we've prepared and we can do it. This humanizing photo of Obama prepping for the debate captures that state:

Obama prepping for the 20080926 Presidential debate

2008-09-28t15:46:14 Z | TAGS: Funny, Journalism, Live Action, News, Performance, Politics, Sad, Show Biz, TV, USA, Videos
SNL on 1st debate and Palin interview

The debate skit is funny but the Palin skit is funny and painful because they used words actually spoken by Palin. There are so many articles out there wincing about the Palin and Couric interview. Couric was being nice, Couric was giving Palin opportunities to shine, but all Palin could do was stumble on talking points. If I were prone to believing in conspiracies, then I would propose that this is all a ruse by Palin in order to make the Democrats let their guard down. If not, then it is frightening to think that the GOP machine has such power that it can dupe half the country into wanting Palin to become one 72 year old's heartbeat away from becoming President. There are college kids who know more about the issues than Palin. For the security of America and the world, I sure hope that it is all a ruse.

2008-09-28t15:02:16 Z | TAGS: Economy, Journalism, Live Action, Movies, News, Politics, TV, USA, Videos
Bailout looming

It sounds like the lawmakers may have the bailout later today: Lawmakers Say They Have Breakthrough on Rescue Plan (Update3) []. I hope they have something good for us but I'm very skeptical. Here's what I emailed a few of my friends 2 days ago:

My thoughts: I'm with Ron Paul as in against price fixing and against the bailout. The over-leveraged stuff needs to be trashed instead of re-circulated. I'm for a true free market (not an artificial one), but with more regulations and transparency to protect the consumers. As in you're free to drive around the country but there should be traffic laws for everybody for safety's sake. Inaction is an action. Certainly Bush-style rule by over-powered, unwatched, constitution-violating fiat is not what I want. I'm $700 billion is an estimate and it could very well be $4 trillion or more. They need to come up with a palatable solution, but eventually they'll come out with something, anything.

My actions: Personally, I transferred my money from JPMorgan Chase to a smaller bank in August. I got better rates and free movie tickets! (On one hand Chase may come out of this quite well, but on the other hand they're going to be very chaotic.) I told you guys ages ago that there was a housing bubble and to buy gold, that's why my house is for living and not so much an investment, while my gold has fared much much better than almost any other investment. I switched 25% of my future 401k transactions to more conservative choices. Investing in solar.

One interesting thing about this bailout is that Bush is pushing it and the Democrats (who have the majority in Congress) are for it, but there are some conservatives and some Democrats who want to think about this a bit more. I think working out a trillion dollar deal in just a few days is indeed something to approach with care.

Two fun links related to the bailout:

2008-09-28t14:20:38 Z | TAGS: JavaScript, Programming, TECH
Abbreviate Currency using Javascript
Abbreviate Currency using Javascript []

This may not be commonly used but I thought it was a beautiful bit of code by Dr JR Stockton on 2008-09-27.

S = "$1000000000"
S = S.replace(/(0+)$/, function(a, s) { var L = s.length
  return ['','0','00'][L%3] + ['','K','M','G','T','P','E'][(L/3)|0]}) 
//S is now "$100M"
2008-09-28t04:30:11 Z | TAGS: News, Politics, USA, War
Obama wins first debate

Before I go on, let me insert a link to the Transcript of presidential debate [].

The polls pretty much say that Obama won by 13-15% over McCain. See, and The general consensus is that since McCain was trailing in the polls, it was McCain who needed to pull a big win but he didn't.

I watched the entire first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain yesterday. I liked how the host, good old Jim Lehrer, tried to have the two talk to each other. I liked the debate because there was some actual meat in there about the issues.

However, as a martial artist, the part I liked best was their back and forth on strategy versus tactics. Strategy from the Greek for head of the army and tactics from the Latin for touch, but I like the idea of head and hand. Strategy and tactics are cyclical because one man's strategy is another man's tactics. To McCain the Iraq war is a "strategy" because it establishes a democracy and an ally in the Mideast, which helps fight the larger war on terror. However to Obama, the Iraq war is a "tactic" because bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban were in Afghanistan, and they are the main threat from 9/11, and the main threat in the larger war on terror, and the Iraq War detracts from the Afghanistan war. McCain keeps insisting that Obama does not acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq, but that's not true. Obama just wants to put it in a larger perspective. [I don't even want to start the debate of why we went into Iraq in the first place. It wasn't so much WMD, but that Neocons took advantage of 9/11, etc.] You can see Obama's larger perspective with his energy plan because one of the biggest reason of why we have issues with the Mideast and Russia is because of our energy needs. Obama's aggressive 10 year plan for energy independence cannot be dismissed as a tree-hugging liberal dream, but should be seen as a serious far-sighted strategy for the economy and security. The emphasis McCain put on earmarking also shows their difference in perspective. Any waste/abuse/inefficiency is important, but it has to be given perspective. "Now, $18 billion is important; $300 billion is really important."

It was also fun to see Obama pick the fights with McCain. If there was no fight, he simply said I agree with McCain. But whenever McCain did some outright lies or a twist of truth, Obama hit back straight away. Furthermore, for some of McCain's smaller lies, Obama was gracious enough to merely deny it and then move on with the program.

McCain pulled out easily defeated canned talking points. McCain tried to get Obama for wanting to meet with foreign parties without preconditions and then denied that Kissinger, McCain's advisor for decades, agreed. Kissinger: Open direct Iran talks []. Obama was right to point out that even Bush has finally acknowledged that the silent treatment hasn't worked with North Korea. To top it off, Obama pulled all this off while remaining calm, congenial, and controlled.

The one part where McCain led was with his experience. Simply talking about the places he's been, the people he's met, the thing's he's seen, and the things he's done shows that he's got mileage. You have to give McCain that. But the future is where we're going and for me it's not the experience but the vision. See Just as the silent treatment for enemies doesn't work (you should continue negotiations while continuing to advance your position), neither does too little of the right kinds of regulations, and neither does trickle down economics (see Supply Side Jesus [] and We have yet to see the financial crisis turn, but I'm clearly more for progressive taxes than regressive. See Comparison of the McCain and Obama Tax Plans [] and

There's more to say but life goes on. Read more. Fact check. Use multiple sources. Think for yourself.

The upcoming Palin versus Biden Vice-Presidential debate should be fun. I hope that Palin is cramming enough so that she doesn't totally embarass herself again.

2008-09-25t15:41:46 Z | TAGS: Politics, USA
McCain can't walk and chew gum at the same time

I am constantly amazed at the things that are so obvious that I can't believe I have to say them. McCain's reason for no-showing this Friday's Presidential debate, the first of the season, is because he has to deal with the financial crisis. (Also McCain Bail on Letterman [] and is exposed to ridicule. So if he had a hurricane in Florida, a conflict with Iran, and problems with the US economy, he'd only able to deal with one of them?!? Bleh! Dude, his job is to interview for the job titled "President of the United States of America". It's bad enough that his VP choice Sarah Palin hardly ever shows her face. Now McCain is thinking of hiding her again by wanting to swap out the VP debate with a Pres. debate? Not only is he weak on issues, but he doesn't have the brains or the heart to face us.

I've also had it with his blatant lying and smearing campaign, especially with his recent remarks aimed at Chicago. His key facts are so easy to check but he persists. Like Daley said: This will come back and hit you in the face.

Now if the Republicans had nominated Ron Paul, they would have much better chances of winning this election especially since he's been warning about the particular economic issues that lead to our current financial crisis.

2008-09-24t15:10:48 Z | TAGS: Browser, Flash, Google, Office, TECH, Videos
Issues with Spreadsheets right-click menu in Google Chrome: fixed in new Google Chrome version
Issues with Spreadsheets right-click menu in Google Chrome: fixed in new Google Chrome version []

Ah! It's about time that Google fixed their own app running on their own browser.

Note 1: I used Chrome as my primary browser for a week after it came out, but as much as I love the implementation of tabs on Chrome, I can't live without the Tree Style Tab add on for Firefox and the Google Bookmarks via the Google Toolbar in Firefox.

Note 2: I love how Google docs finally implemented an automated table of contents feature (Inserting items: Table of contents []) just like they have with Google Sites.

Note 3: Since Chrome came out, youtube has been working inconsistently. Right now youtube videos play on Chrome but not on Firefox for my machine Windows XP, but on my Windows Vista machine youtube videos play on Firefox but not on Chrome.

2008-09-15t15:54:37 Z | TAGS: Economy, News, USA
Wall Street's ever scarier meltdown
Wall Street's ever scarier meltdown []

The recent financial bombs have been a long time coming and more will come yet.

Anyone who isn't scared by what happened on Wall Street over the weekend is truly clueless or on some very heavy duty drugs.The developments are just astounding. The rivets holding together the nation's financial system appear to be popping out all over the place.Lehman Brothers is headed to bankruptcy court. Merrill Lynch is about to disappear as a free-standing entity, rescued through an acquisition by Bank of America. AIG, the nation's largest insurance company, is asking the feds for a $40 billion bridge loan as it attempts to restructure.

This stuff makes the other events over the weekend (Hurricane Ike, midwest flooding, head on train collision in LA, Tina Fey stunning impersonation of Sarah Palin on SNL) seem small.

Meanwhile, virtually none of the most-listened-to experts believe we have hit bottom. There are still more cards to fall from the house of cards tied to mortgage debt. Again, this is the most frightening financial era those of us too young to remember the Great Depression have ever lived through. It's definitely not a time for the faint of heart.

The Republican response is more of the same crap that created this mess: Corporate socialism, tax cuts for the rich, Supply Side Jesus []. Vote for change!

2008-09-11t17:27:15 Z | TAGS: Politics, USA
Fresh blood for the vampire
Fresh blood for the vampire [] [VIA: Nick]

Here's how I replied to my friend Nick about this article by Camille Paglia:

I read the entire thing and agree with practically all of it.

I have long advocated independent thinking, but the political and mathematical reality of winning by a slim majority favors this ugly 2 party system: A morass of group think, where a whole suite of issues are already decided for you. I'd wish we could avoid all the pork bellying and take things things a la carte.

As far as the political games, the Republicans are doing the same thing as ever: Egging the Democrats on in order to draw out an angry indignant response. It is proper that they start out with a kuzushi, an off-balancing, of an emotional nature before they talk about issues. The Democrats always want to just jump to the issues and they come across as elitist and drab.

The whole sexism/feminism thing is a goofy issue like the racism issue. A person is a person and you don't ask for special treatment: Fish, hunt, play basketball, run for President, or whatever. Do what you can. Get paid the same wage. Play by the same rules.

Politicians goof up when they aren't being true to themselves and act out of character. I read something recently about dating: Some folks make the mistake of acting as the fictional person they imagine their date wants to see instead of just being themselves.

As far as Palin, I agree that we just don't know her. We know very little about her, and yet she barely participates in the public vetting process that all other politicians submit themselves to. Perhaps we'll get to know her better over the next few weeks. Matt Damon says it pretty clearly here: If you look at the actuary charts, there is a high probability that Palin would have to replace McCain. It's become a 2v1 race.

2008-09-10t19:55:13 Z | TAGS: Economy, News, Politics, USA, Videos
Jim Rogers: Socialism for the Rich.
Jim Rogers: Socialism for the Rich. [] [VIA:]

I understand that this recent conservatorship or federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [W] had to happen or else there could have been a global financial meltdown. However didn't we just have a bailout of Bear Stears [W] in 2008-03? Wasn't it obvious that we've had a subprime mortgage crisis [W]? Wasn't it obvious that the United States housing bubble [W] had burst? There have been a lot of bailouts: Corporate Bailouts Through History [].

The Republican response: The people paying the mortgages get no help, but the corporations and stockholders making money off the homeowners do. Tax payer money pays for the bailouts. The rich get tax cuts.

The Republicans talk about how Democrats are socialists who want to provide social services and raise taxes, and yet the Republicans are corporate socialists who want to provide socials services for corporations and lower taxes. The role of the government is supposed to provide social services (law and order, roads, disaster relief, etc.) and it needs to collect taxes in order to pay for it. However, the slew of bailouts and fiscal irresponsibility has made the US most socialist country (besides North Korea and Cuba). Heck, China is less socialist than the US! Think of how ugly the US has been in the past eight years with torture and violating privacy and obstructing due process.

Some socialism is needed to regulate industries for the public good, but it also can't be the kind of socialism that lets certain industries become too fat and bloated and a danger to the public. Too many tax breaks. Too many subsidies. Improperly regulated. Iron triangles. Here are some industries that have gotten away with too much:

It is almost sickeningly simple to tell when an artificial market is in place because of run away prices and salaries. The tech industry had its dot com bubble but it quickly learned to keep things real. The entertainment industry (movies, sports, video games, fashion, etc.) is always oddly priced because it's all bravado. The science industry has its costs because, it often almost literally rocket science (and should not be pad the MIC.

We need some bold folks to shake things up. Vote for change! Vote for Obama!

2008-09-05t15:39:24 Z | TAGS: News, Politics, USA
A Palin convert
A Palin convert [] [VIA:]

Many folks seem to be saying that the Republicans just attack Obama, while offering no solutions of their own. This is reminiscent of the 2004 election when the Republicans were saying that about the Democrats. I'm glad to hear that Obama's calm response of "I've been called worse on the basketball court" ("Barack Obama: They Don't Have An Agenda To Run On" [].

The other issue of the Republican continuing to be unconcerned about preserving human rights is particularly disturbing considering that McCain was a POW. My brother is in the Army in Afghanistan right now and these guys are making light of torture? Frak that!

The Republicans will blind themselves, sling mud, and twist the truth as they've been doing for the past 8 years. We need to stay calm, stay hopeful, and think about solving problems together.

2008-09-05t15:04:15 Z | TAGS: Funny, Jon Stewart, Journalism, News, Politics, USA
Jon Stewart Annihilates Sarah Palin's Media Surrogates
Jon Stewart Annihilates Sarah Palin's Media Surrogates [] [VIA:]
Gold: Great comedy, great reporting. 13,153 diggs and counting.
2008-09-04t21:54:25 Z | TAGS: Beauty, Quirky, Security, Violence, Writing
HOWTO dispose of murdered bodies
HOWTO dispose of murdered bodies [] [VIA:]

There are many parts to a murder. People think of the killing but there's also the disposing (and the choosing and so on). I've always thought that those of us who have had to kill, butcher, etc. would have some advantage when it comes to murder or killing (there are distinctions). This user "scarabic" has given it some thought (particularly logistics and with hints about the assault to the senses). I'm archiving his whole comment here.

First, be smart from the very beginning. Pulverize all teeth, burn off fingerprints, and disfigure the face. Forcing a DNA test to establish identity (if it ever comes to that) might introduce the legal/forensic hurdle that saves your ass down the line. An unidentifiable body can, in a pinch, be dressed in thrift store clothes and dropped in a bad part of town where the police are less likely to question it. I don't reommend that disposal method, I'm just saying an easily identifiable body is an even bigger threat than the opposite.

Assuming you have it inside a house where you can work on it a bit, the first thing you want to do is drain it of fluids. This will make it easier to cut up, and slow decomposition a little bit. The best way to do this quick and dirty is to perforate the body with a pointed knife, and then perform CPR on it. Cut the fronts of the thighs deep, diagonally, to slit the femoral arteries. Then pump the chest. The valves in the heart will still work when dead, and the springback of the ribcage can put apply a fair amount of suction to the artria. Do this in a tub. Plug the drain, and mingle lots of bleach with the bodily fluids before unplugging the drain to empty the tub. This should help control the stench of death, which would otherwise reek from your gutter gratings. Do everything you can to control odors. Plug in an ionizer, burn candles, leave bowls of baking soda everywhere. Ventilate the room in the middle of the night, but otherwise keep it closed. Keep the body under a plastic sheet while it's in the tub.

If you want to bury, I recommend seperating the body into several parts, and burying them seperately. For one thing, it's easier to dig a deep enough hole for a head than for an entire body. this reduces your chances of being discovered while you are actually outside and digging the grave.

That is the one thing you can't do inside the doors of your house, and represents a vulnerable moment you want to keep brief, under 2 hours. Do it between 3 and 5 am. It's also less likely for someone to call the police if their dog digs up some chunk of meat, than if they dig up an enitre body. They may assume it's an animal carcass disfigured by decomposition, and leave it alone or dispose of it. It's also more likely that the dog will consume all of it before anyone knows the difference. A whole skeleton is another story. You can cut a body into 6 pieces faster than you think. It's not much different than boning a chicken, but it takes more work, a big knife, and time. A hammer will be useful for pulverizing joints or driving the knife deep where it doesn't want to go. Anyway it's wise to crush as much of the skeleton as you can along the way. It will aid in making the body less identifiable for what it is as it decomposes.

Don't return to the same site 6 times for 6 burials.You'll attract suspicion from anyone nearby, and you'll wind up placing the body parts close enough together to be found by any serious investigation. Put them in plastic bags with lots of bleach, and store in a freezer until you have enough time to bury them all.

Depending on what tools you have available, you may find that you're get really good at deconstructing the body. You might prefer to slowly sprinkle it down a drain without leaving your house. This avoids the long-term risk of discovery associated with burial, and the overwhelming supply of bacteria in a sewer accellerates deconomposition, whil e providing a convenient cover smell.

Truly grinding down a body takes a lot more work, and you run the risk of fouling your plumbing and calling in a plumber. So don't try it unless you know how to clear bones and meat out of a drainpipe. A good food processor can be useful. But don't over-use it, or power drills or saws. They're noisy and they attract attention. And forget the kitchen sink. It's better if you actually remove one of the toilets in your house from its base, which will give you direct access to one of the largest sewer pipes that enters your house. Follow any disposals with lots of bleach and then run the water for 5 or 10 minutes on top of that. And plug that pipe when you're not using it, to prevent any sewer gasses from backing up into your house. Usually, a U-trap inside the toilet does that for you.

2008-09-04t17:46:03 Z | TAGS: Browser, Chrome, Google, TECH
Chrome keyboard shortcuts
Chrome keyboard shortcuts []

Yesterday I made a post on Google Chrome. Today I bothered to look into its Help and discovered that some of my complaints are actually already dealt with. (Silly me but apparently all three of these shortcut are already in Firefox but I've lost track of which features are via add ons.)

Yesterday I said "I like the Omnibar but I want an easier on-the-fly method to change which search engine I'm using.". Apparently there is a way! If you go to Options then manage the search engines, you can set a key word for each search engine. EG: I've set the key word for Wikipedia as "wiki"; To use search Wikipedia from the Omnibar, I just type in "wiki" and then whatever I'm searching for. Easy!

Yesterday I said "Gestures should be built into browsers." However the main reason I use gestures for is to go back or forward in the tab's browsing history. I've always thought that ALT+ARROW was too much in comparison to a mouse gesture, but Chrome has BS or SHIFT+BS. Sweet!

I did not mention the ability to undo a close tab, but I use it all the time. Apparently CTRL+SHIFT+T can un-close the last 10 tabs. This is supposed to compliment CTRL+T (which opens a new tab). I wonder if they experimented with an alternate shortcut for un-close by complimenting it with the close tab shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+W compliments CTRL+W?

So really I'm just waiting for Add Ons!

2008-09-03t20:32:09 Z | TAGS: Browser, Cyber Life, Cyber Tech, Google, Open Source, TECH
Google Chrome
Google Chrome []

A brand new browser by Google called Chrome [] came out yesterday. I've tried it out at work on Windows XP and at home on Windows Vista Ultimate.

On the front end, the best thing about it is that it's fast. Not just a bit faster but 2 to 20 times faster. The interface is very clean and minimalist. There are a lot of little front end niceties like all textarea controls on forms are now resizable. The "Omnibox" combines the URL address bar (ALT+D) and search bar (CTRL+E) into one as is done Opera. The root of each URL is highlighted in the Omnibox (IE8 does this too). The Omnibox provides unobtrusive suggestions (for stuff you've visited, likely searches, popular sites, etc.) as you type instead of nasty auto-completing. Chrome also gives the user more real estate by hiding the status bar (which shows as you type) or hiding the bookmarks bar (CTRL+B).

Chrome is built upon the open source WebKit, hence it has ties to Konqueror and Safari. However they also have developers from Firefox too. FYI: The major browser rendering engines are Gecko (EG Firefox), Trident (EG Internet Explorer), and Presto (EG Opera), and WebKit. The speed gain has a large contribution from the JavaScript virtual machine by V8. Chrome increases security and stability by sandboxing just about everything. Multiprocessing within a browser is a great idea for which Google will get a lot of credit for (evne though it was done by Opera since 1994 and will be in the Internet Explorer 8). I like how having the tabs on top provide a visual reminder that each tab is a separate process. I like how you can access Chrome's Task Manager (via a menu or SHIFT+ESC), much like you can access Window's Task Manager.

Chrome is missing add ons or extensions, which users of Firefox become dependent upon. Chrome will almost certainly have add ons as time goes on. This is a good time to review the Firefox extensions I use.

The things I don't like about Chrome:

Here are some of the better links to Chrom right now:

BOTTOM LINE: I love it! I want a few things that only Firefox has right now, but I think they're coming to Chrome.

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