The life which is unexamined is not worth living. -Plato, Apology

The letter X: Examination. Exploration. Express. X marks the spot. The unknown. A variable. Calculate x. Generation X. X-ray.

Heroic exploration involves discomfort & sharing acquired goods/knowledge.

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Every moment is a stroke on the canvas of Life. If Life is an art, then everyone should be both critic and artist.

It is not enough to answer: Why is something is good from a technical viewpoint? Everyone should also examine things from their personal viewpoint: How does something resonate with your life at the moment you experience it?

I used to call what I did "Research and Development", but I found that name too restrictive and stuffy. R&D seemed to draw my content towards {logic, examination, and science} at the cost of avoiding {intuition, experience, and faith}. Those two groups should fight and flow together.

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This eponymous site is for me to take notes about my explorations which includes things like living, martial arts, philosophy, faith, playing, computers, programming, science, engineering, writing, politics, art, etc., etc.

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The primary purpose of this site is for me to work with ideas. This includes: exploring, examining, expressing, creating, discovering, collecting, digesting, contemplating, regurgitating, rehashing, structuring, editing, rearranging, etc., etc., etc.. While it may seem selfish to write for myself, it does help ensure that what I write is earnest.

This site is not really about me, rather it is by me and for me.

This is a one-man site:

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